Maintenance, Modifications, & Upgrades


Performance Upgrades & Mods

* 180 Degree Thermostat Install.
Jon Steiger
* A500/A518 TCI Shift Kit Install.
Bill Tierney
* Battery Relocation (For a GenIII, but would work on any Dak...).  NEW!
Bob Tom
* Edelbrock Headers & Y-pipe Install.
Mark Kuzia
* "Fresh Air By Meldrum" open element air cleaner.
Sean Meldrum
* LA Valve Covers Install.
Sean Meldrum / Jon Steiger
* Magnum Lifters R2.
* Mopar Performance PCM Install.
Jon Steiger
* Mopar Performance MPI Intake Manifold Install. (Links to the up-to-date instructions at steigerperformance.com)
Jon Steiger
* Mopar Tow Hooks Install.
Tom Fawcett
* MSD 8.5mm SuperConductor Wires Install.
Jon Steiger
* Pre-'97 Dakota Rear Anti-Sway Bar FAQ .
Frank Ball
* Short Throw Gear Shifter for the NV3500 5-speed.
Jon Steiger
* TCI Shift Kit Install.
* Throttle Body Modification.
* High Flow Throttle Body.
Mark Kuzia
* Traction Bars Upgrade.
Robert Cobb

General Maintenance & non-performance mods:

* Driving Light Bulb Replacement.
Jon Steiger
* OBD-II Driving Cycle (Tests OBD-II system and can reduce emissions) .
Nate Johnson & Bernd D. Ratsch
* GenII Seat Belt Fix.
Michael Clark
* Tailgate Latch Modification.
Michael Clark

* winhp4.zip. WinHPower, a horsepower calculator for Windows. Shareware.
(Uploaded by Kukukooter)

Stupid disclaimer: Any modifications that you perform are done entirely at your own risk! Neither myself nor any of these people who were nice enough to contribute upgrades are liable for anything you might choose to do to your truck. (Even if the info given is incorrect! If you aren't sure about what you're doing, consult an expert.)
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