TCI Shift Kit Install


Finally took the plunge yesterday & installed the TCI shift kit in my slushy shifting '95 V8 4x4. Results were exactly what I was after.... firm, immediate shifts, but not neck snapping. (The kit can be installed in neck snapping mode if desired). Instructions were pretty straightforward, & it's well within the capabilty of anyone that managed to find this mailing list.

I say "pretty straightforward", noting that they =do not= say not to put the valve body back in with the outer accumulator spring still on the workbench. And =nowhere= do they tell you not to put the kickdown linkage on upside down.

You'll need a couple of items that may not be in everyone's tool box, including...

Also, as someone noted here before (and contrary to many reports, including the local dealer), the oil pan can be removed without loosening the exhaust. Take out all the bolts and tip the front end down to drain the fluid. Angle the pan with the rear as high as it will go, the front as low as it will go, & slide it towards driver side 'till the offending corner lines up with the bend in the exhaust pipe. Grab hold of it towards the front, & give it a =healthy= tug. It is also at this exact instant you'll realize there's still 2 quarts of fluid left in the pan :) To install, tie the gasket to the pan with thread in every other bolt hole. Place it in the same position, & give it a WHOP with the heel of your hand, it'll pop right in. (Don't forget to remove the thread.)

If you can't find the kit, I got mine mail order from PAW (818-998-6000) for $67, 5 days delivery.

Hope this helps someone.


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