Edelbrock Header & Y-pipe Installation


Here is a short description of the work:

1. Remove the battery cable.

2. Start by jacking up the vehicle and un-bolting the Y-pipe from the collector on both sides. Don't forget to remove the oxygen sensor.

3. Lower the truck.

4. Renove the stock air cleaner assembly (if still installed).

5. Unbolt the heat sheilds and the exhaust manifolds from the engine and pull them out.

6. The center bolts on both sides are actually studs and need to be double-nutted to be removed (they must be romeved and can't be re-used).

7. Now jack up the truck again and first remove the oxygen sensor if you haven't already. Then remove the stock Y-pipe. I used a Dremel and a cut off wheel to cut three shots lengthwise in the pipe coming from the "cat". I then pryed the edges up and "persuaded" the Y-pipe out with a hammer.

8. Lower the vehicle again and install both headers. Clearances are very tight so all of the bolts located behind the bends on the front and middle tubes must be tightened first. Finish by tightening the rest of the bolts.

9. Now, Jack up the vehicle again. Its time to install the Y-pipe. Start with the passenger side pipe first. Check the fit before you bolt it in, you will need to dimple it about 1/4" to clear the Lower A-arm mount on the frame. Once the pounding has stopped, slip the end into the exhaust and bolt the pipe in (don't forget the donut gasket).

10. Go to the drivers side next and start by slipping in the pipe to the crossover tube. next just bolt it to the collector and install the clamp on the crossover tube.

11. Don't worry about clamping the Y-pipe to the exhaust as you will have to have it welded anyway. Re-install the oxygen sensor in to the new pipe and plug it in.

12. Before you start it, make sure everything is buttoned-up and ready to go as the protective paint will burn off in a big cloud of smoke in about a minute. Either pull it outside or go for a drive. Now would be a good time to drive it to the muffler shop to have the Y-pipe welded up.

13. Congradulations! three hours later, you are finally done!

After it has been run, the paint burns off and you get a cool silver look to the headers. I learned later that the chalky silver finish does wash off to give it a darker metal finish.

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