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Welcome to the Dakota Mailing List Home Page! (est. Fall 1995) This page is (not surprisingly) a part of the Dakota Mailing List, though it also contains other general info. Any comments or suggestions would certainly be appreciated! Please note that I cannot answer Dakota questions, as I am really, really busy, and I probably wouldn't know the answer anyway. :-) If you have questions you'd like answered, I invite you to subscribe to the mailing list and ask the people who really know what they're talking about. Its painless and free, so why not take advantage of the resource? Enjoy!
DML stuff: (General info, fundraising, etc.)

* DML Financial Status

* What is the DML? Why should I join?, etc.

* DML Flyer (PDF Format)

* DML History 101

* DML Calendars

* View Shopping Cart / Check Out

Stuff to help you to interact with the DML:

* DML Acronym List

* DML Archives

* DML Attachments (Attachments aren't allowed on the list, but you can download them here.)

* DML Newsgroup (Read and post to the list using a Usenet newsreader.)

* DML Web-News gateway  NEW! (Read and post to the list via the web. You need a password to log into this service; you can get one here)

* DML Posting Etiquette

* DML Statistics

* DML WWW Gateway. (Subscribe, unsubscribe, suspend your subscription, etc.)

Getting in touch with your fellow DML'ers:

* DML Meet Reports

* DML Member Profiles - add your own profile

* The DML Off Topic List (A seperate list where you can talk with fellow DMLers about off-topic stuff)

* Upcoming DML Meets and Events (Meet your fellow DML'ers in person; always a great time!)

General Dakota Stuff:

* The DML FAQ.

* Calling Daimler-Chrysler for order status.

* General Dakota Information.

* Maintenence, Modifications, & Upgrades.

* TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins; wayyyy out of date, unfortunately).

Programs & calculators:

* Tire and Wheel Calculator.

* Trouble Codes.

* VIN Decoder.


* Pictures.

* Screensavers.

* Sounds.

* Spreadsheets.

* Videos.

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