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How to use this program:
Enter the VIN you would like to decode in the box above and hit the "submit" button.

If you would like to read some general VIN info and see what VIN codes the program will recognize, just hit the submit button without entering anything in the box.

My plea for help:

The data I used to write this program was taken from the factory service manual for my 1996 Dakota. Thus, I only have the codes for 1996, and whatever people might send me. If you have access to this information for a model year which is not listed below, could you please send it to me? (If you have a FSM, it can usually be found on the 2nd page or so.) I can be reached at jon@dakota-truck.net.

The more data I can get, the better this program will work. Thanks very much in advance!!
I currently have data for:
1989 (Provided by Bucky)
1990 (Provided by Bucky)
1991 (Provided by Bucky)
1992 (Provided by Richard Lewis)
1995 (Provided by Jason and Norah Bleazard)
1996 (Taken from my FSM)
1998 (Provided by Tom Fawcett and Joel Z)
1999 (Provided by Steve Pargeter)
Clarifications, corrections, and misc. additions provided by:
Matt Barret (2000 model year and 4.7L engine codes)
James Candiloro (1997 model year code)
Bill Johnson (1988 carbed 2.2L info)
Walter Kirychuk (1999 model year code)
George Radcliffe (2001 model year code)
Many thanks to the above folks for making this resource possible!
Many thanks also to Brian (with no e-mail address yet) for making me aware of a bug in the program which incorrectly calculated the VIN for vehicles having a check digit of 0.
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Jon N. Steiger / jon@dakota-truck.net