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The Dakota Mailing List is an Internet mailing list which was created in late 1995; it currently has approximately members. The main purpose of the list is discussion about the Dodge Dakota and anything else related to the Dakota (or Durango). There are no requirements to join (you don't have to own a Dakota or Durango to be on the list; many people have used the list as a part of their pre-purchase research.)

The easiest way to subscribe is to use the WWW Gateway. You can also subscribe via e-mail, by sending a message to majordomo@dakota-truck.net and putting "subscribe dakota-truck" in the body of the message. Since the list traffic can get pretty high at times, there is also a digest mode. (You get a bunch of posts in a single message throughout the day.) The procedure to subscribe in digest mode is the same as above, but replace "dakota-truck" with "dakota-truck-digest". Although payment of the list's ISP hosting costs are made possible by the voluntary donations of our members, there is absolutely no charge for subscribing to or being on the list (and there never will be as long as I'm behind the wheel). :-)

The DML membership runs the gamut from drag racers to off-roaders to show goers to folks who don't use their trucks for anything more exciting than hauling groceries. Many subscribers are ASE certified; the DML is an excellent source of tech info.

There are a number of benefits to being DML member. Some of these are:
The DML is a great bunch of folks talking about a great truck. I invite you to join us; whether you own a Dakota or are merely interested in them, I'm certain that you'll find the DML to be a valuable resource.
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Jon N. Steiger / jon@dakota-truck.net