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The Dakota Mailing List runs on a commercial ISP with funds donated by its members. Without the support of these generous folks, the DML would not be possible. My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one these great people! (If you'd like to be one of these great people too, the pertinent info is here.)

The following folks have purchased DML merchandise, the proceeds of which are used to help fund the DML:

Flip Adams, Rick Adams, Shane Baker, Blaine Basse, Tim Berry, Josh Brown, Derek Buck, Paul Bumann, John Burgan, Jr., Erik Bush, Ronnie Chapman, Michael Clark, Jim Colson, Chris Currie, C.Philip Cutler II, Joe DaVolio, Shane Darville, David Deming, Michael Devenyns, Frank DiGiovanni, David DiSanti, Pedro Diaz, George Dorn, Ted Dotson, Randy Drew, Thomas Fawcett, Geoffrey Gaskin, Donald Gianetti, Eric Giblock, Brad Gigliotti, Frank Golembieski, Ed Halterman, Bob Hardt, Weldon Helmus, Shaun Hendricks, David Henry, Trever Higbee, Travis Higgins, Jack Hilton III, Kevin Hoegen, Jeremy Hooker, George Hronich, Scott Kaskeski, Mark Kuzia, Jeff LaCour, Kris LaFerriere, Brian Lee, Bill Ligon, Gery Magalong, John McKinney, Erwin Mendoza, Landon Mercer, Michael Meyerhoff, Robert Miller, Richard Milne, Jr., Richard Milne, Jason Mooberry, John Neff, Robert Nichols, Steven Oatley, Sandy Olson, Guy Pellicciaro, Robert Pruyne, Jr., Punch, Richard Pyburn, Kevin Rants, Bernd Ratsch, Michael Rehberg, Gary Robas, Mike Rolinson, Tim Roller, Christopher Saltsman, Travis Sawyer, Aaron Seebold, Tom Shepherd, Dave Shreve, David Slocum, Charles Smith, Martin Tolentino, Jr., Bob Tom, Ben Vaughan, Roderic Vaughan, Kevin Vocht, Josh Wales, Dennis Wardlaw, GS Willhite, David Wilson, Jack Yates, Jason Yates, Joel Z, Leonard Zuniga 

Outright contributors are as follows:

Iron... The backbone of the DML.   $1 to $5   

Name E-Mail Address Profile (if available)
Tom Boyle tomboyle@pacbell.net none
Derek Buck WGE440@webtv.net Derek's profile
Erik Bush thebeerdawg@yahoo.com Eric's profile
Pedro Diaz pjdmd@mho.net Pedro's profile
Randy Drew fonman@ican.net Randy's profile
Geoffrey Gaskin crawdaddy@colla.com Geoffrey's profile
Skip Goger emailskip@webtv.net Skip's profile
Nate Johnson natedak2k@yahoo.com Nate's profile
Jeff LaCour JeffofSLU@aol.com Jeff's profile
Richard Milne RMilnejr@aol.com Richard's profile
Dan Orband orband@us.ibm.com none
Guy Pellicciaro BLKDG3@aol.com Guy's profile
Mark Pryer dzoo@arn.net Mark's profile
Richard Pyburn rap777@juno.com Richard's profile
Tom Shepherd shepardt@iname.com Tom's profile
Dave Shreve HRSHUZ@aol.com Dave's profile
Robert Tufts rbt@frontiernet.net none
Kevin Vocht Quiktruk99@aol.com Kevin's profile
Jack Yates yatesrt@yahoo.com Jack's profile
Leonard Zuniga l_zuniga@hotmail.com Leonard's profile

Steel   $6 to $10   

Name E-Mail Address Profile (if available)
Flip fdedip@whale-mail.com Flip's profile
Michael Clark mike@snakebite.com Mike's profile
Chris Currie ccurrie@src.net Chris's profile
Joe DaVolio davolj@olympus.com Joe's profile
Ron Gallimore rgallim@icgroup.net Ron's profile
Geoffrey Hausheer utm8cvsme4s2p0001@sneakemail.com Geoffrey's profile
Bruce Hefner gt9742a@prism.gatech.edu Bruce's profile
Shaun Hendricks shaun.hendricks@bergenbrunswig.com Shaun's profile
William Ligon LIGON_W@POSTINO.HCCS.CC.TX.US Bill's Profile
Azie Magnusson AM14@Chrysler.com none
John McKinney McKinJr@HPD.Abbott.com John's profile
Robert Miller ramiller@sycamore.com Robert's profile
John Neff jndneff@flash.net John's profile
Charles Smith Dak99RT@aol.com Charles' profile
Bill Tierney WillTier@aol.com Bill's profile

Bronze   $11 to $20   

Name E-Mail Address Profile (if available)
Corey Betka betka@uiuc.edu Corey's profile
David Brown   none
John Burgan, Jr. jburgan@intravet.com John's profile
Dick Campagna campagna@nothinbut.net none
James Hooper roscoh@webtv.net James' profile
John Lange DOYLEVONHEMI@webtv.net John's profile
Ted O. Tedsdakota@aol.com Ted's profile
Gregg Omo 00gtomo@bsuvc.bsu.edu Gregg's profile
Kevin Reimer kwreimer@msn.com Kevin's profile
Mike Rolinson mikeyman@hotmail.com none
Tate Strickland tstricklan@shl.com Tate's profile

Copper   $21 to $50   

Name E-Mail Address Profile (if available)
Jason & Norah Bleazard jbleazard@home.com & nbleazard@home.com Jason's profile
Norah's profile
Tom Fawcett fawcett@bu.edu Tom's profile
Donny Hayes dakota_59_rt@yahoo.com none
Scott Kaskeski skaskeski@bigfoot.com Scott's profile
Mark Kuzia flyboy01@worldnet.att.net Mark's profile
James McBride mcbride@gdesystems.com Jim's profile
Brent Mills rhonda@blazeinet.com Brent's profile
Steve Moore jsm@igloo.com Steve's profile
David "Preacher" Slocum preacher@carolina.rr.com David's profile
Jon Smith jon@fast4x4.net Jon's profile

Silver   $51 to $100   

Name E-Mail Address Profile (if available)
Jeff Crook jeff.crook@ecitelebn.com Jeff's profile
David Martin david.martin@ivyleague.net David's profile
Bob Nichols bnich@bellatlantic.net Bob's profile
Bob Tom tigers@bserv.com Bob's profile

Gold   $101 to $500   

Name E-Mail Address Profile (if available)
Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals 2000 registrants
Shane Baker Sbak1320@aol.com Shane's profile
David Deming drd892@aol.com David's profile
Greg Popovich tmfu@home.com Greg's profile

Platinum   $501 and up  

Name E-Mail Address Profile (if available)

There are currently no contributors at this level.

(If your name is on one of these lists, and you'd rather it not be, please let me know and I'll remove it.)

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