How to Contribute to the DML


To contribute to the Dakota Mailing List, all you have to do is mail your donation to me in the form of a cashier's check, money order, personal check, or plain 'ol cash. Due to the problems involved in exchanging foreign currency, I'm going to have to restrict donations to US or Canadian funds only, please. (I apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.)

There is no minimum or maximum donation amount; feel free to send whatever you like. Whether its a billion dollars or the loose change rattling around in your ashtray, your donation is most appreciated! (A billion dollars? Sure, its only a matter of time before Bill Gates gets himself a Dak...) ;-) At least, that's what I'm banking on. BANKING ON! HA!

Sorry, that was uncalled for. It won't happen again. :-)

The address to send your donations to is:
If you prefer, you can also add a donation right to your shopping cart:
Amount: $

Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed!

If you'd rather not have your name on the above list, please let me know, either through e-mail or by enclosing a note to that effect with your donation. I will gladly honor your request.

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