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Some shots of Gary Pinkley (gpinkley@earthlink.net) in his '97 5-speed making some autocross runs on 2/21/99 (first SCCA Solo II autocross of the season) at Hollywood Park (next to the Forum) in San Diego. Gary was running in the newly created STRK (Sport Truck) class. Video courtesy of Mike Burgess (mike.burgess@akamail.com). The descriptions are excerpts from a message Gary posted to the DML describing the runs.
VIDEO "Rolling up to the starting line, many eyes were upon my red truck, not wanting to believe the rumors they heard about the previous day's times. I launched with a light spin designed to keep the V-6 in it's powerband. After shifting into second, I hit the gas. Carving through some smaller s-bends, I accelerated into the first sweeper into third gear. I succombed to the lure of its speed, and came to the tight shicane with too much speed and threw the rear end wide into the corner. With a hollow THUNCK, one cone went down for the count. I learned from my mistake, and finished with a 62.22 sec run. Pretty good condsidering prepared cars were running low-to-mid 50's and most cars with street tires were running low-to-mid 60's, included street tired corvettes." 01:15 5.4MB
VIDEO "With the knowledge from my first run, I jumped out with my pressure gage in hand and hissing the rear tire pressure down four psi to cut down the oversteer. I then lined up again for my next run. Again, with the peel-wheel sqealing (I haven't added a LS diff yet) I ripped off on another run. Screaming into the large sweeper, I nailed the gas and pushed the truck a little faster, this time, making sure to get on the binders sooner. Combine the earlier braking with the lower rear tire pressure, the rear end stayed planted and I traversed the shicane quicker. Zigging and zagging, using the wide corners to drift the truck into the proper lines, I ran the rest of the course very well. I new there were a couple of spots I hadn't gotten quite right, so I thought I'd pick up a little time, but WHOA.....did I just hear the announcer right......was that a 60.308? While waiting in the grid for my final run, people just kept walking by either muttering and shaking their heads or asking me if they heard the time correctly. I loved the reaction that I got from everybody." 01:20 5.9MB
VIDEO "My final run wasn't quite as good as my second, I was off a couple of tenths. I drifted too wide in two of the corners, losing a little time. I waited patiently for my run group to finish to find out what my competitors ran. The closest guy was 3 tenths slower.....WHOOHOO! I just won......on street tires and with an open diff none the less." 01:16 6.5MB


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VIDEO Tim Althoff (yllwdkta@insight.rr.com ) heats up the tires on his solar yellow '99 4x2 V6 Sport+. 00:35 3.5 MB

Drag Racing

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VIDEO Larry is a regular at the Wednesday night drags at New York International Raceway Park (NYIRP) in Leicester, NY. Although not on the DML, he's a Mopar guy and an excellent bracket racer. Here, he schools a late model Izuzu pickup with his Gen I V6 Dak. (16.48@80.52) 00:22 2.8 MB

VIDEO Scott Miller's Shelby Dak with a 360 transplant running at South Mountain Dragway during Chryslers at Carlisle 2000. (1/8 mile track) On this particular day, Scott was running high 8.20s at around 86mph. (kmiller@cvn.net). 00:12 1.6 MB
VIDEO Scott Miller again; same location and time. 00:14 1.8 MB

VIDEO Alan Short (ashort@flash.net) motors his '98 R/T through the traps well over a second ahead of the late model Mustang in the other lane. Alan runs a 14.78@91. 00:40 3.5MB
VIDEO A "Ram-Air" Firebird just squeezes by Alan while going through the traps. Alan runs a 14.33@94.6. 00:43 3.1MB
VIDEO Alan runs against a late model 'Vette. (14.51@93.6) 01:03 2.8MB
VIDEO Alan runs against a supercharged Mustang, getting beat through the traps by a car length. 00:53 2.5MB
VIDEO After running Gordon Adams, Alan heads back for a go at Andre Mauboussin. :-) (Shot at the January '99 DFW DML Meet) 00:12 580K

VIDEO Jon Steiger (jon@dakota-truck.net) in my '96 318ci Dak at the strip. I clean off the tires, then stage and run against a Dodge Ram 4x4. (14.80@93.97) Shot by Bill Tierney (WillTier@aol.com) at NYIRP. By the way, the "15.85@87mph" that the announcer reads off as I'm staging is the ET of the Ford Lightning that ran in my lane right before me. :-) 00:30 2.1MB

VIDEO Bill Tierney (WillTier@aol.com) makes a pass at NYIRP in his '93 Club Cab auto. Its bottle fed, but this pass was all motor. (14 flat at 100mph) 00:24 2.4 MB
VIDEO Bill makes another all-motor pass at NYIRP. Hey, where's your helmet, Bill? ;-) (13.97@100.26) 00:19 2.4 MB

VIDEO An unidentified Gen II Dak at NYIRP. This particular Dakota has a 360 transplant courtesy of a Ram van. If you look in the engine bay though, you'd never know it wasn't a bone stock 318! The only visible mods I saw were MSD wires and an extra cold air intake running to the stock air can. This Dak has an 8.75" from a B-body out back and rear disc brakes. (13.84@98.79) 00:19 2.4 MB
VIDEO The same Dak as above, but this time he runs a 13.68@99.34. 00:22 2.8 MB

VIDEO An unidentified, bone stock '99 318 5-speed runs against a modified S-10 at NYIRP. Both trucks go 16.02. 00:19 2.4 MB

Music Videos

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VIDEO A music video created by Terrible Tom (SilverEightynine@earthlink.net) (compiled from DML BBQ footage).

03:50 19 MB

Off Roading

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VIDEO Ed McCarrick in his 2000 QC 4x4 Sport during "Daktoberfest 2000". (Here, Ed "bravely runs away" from the "Longest Hundred Yards".) (Edward.McCarrick@fredonia.edu). 00:16 1.6 MB

VIDEO Jon Steiger in his '92 318ci Ram 4x4 during "Daktoberfest 2000". In this clip, he tackles the infamous "Longest hundred yards" 00:40 3.9MB
VIDEO Jon again, in his Ram during "Daktoberfest 2000", this time, going through "Mud Lane". 00:38 3.8MB

Jon Smith (fast4x4@digivill.net) in his '95 V8 4x4, playin' on the beach.
VIDEO 1st day out, trying to stick it, to no avail. 00:21 800K
VIDEO Just about had to dig out this time, had to use 4-lo. 00:41 1.5MB
VIDEO Found a little bit of mud to slid around on, only if it were deeper... 01:12 5.2MB
VIDEO Leaving the mud hole, I decide to get on it a bit, tires spinning till I let off the hammer. 00:29 1.3MB
VIDEO This is it!! 3rd night out, I finally get her to dig down to the frame. 2 REALLY bored fisherman came up to help dig, good thing I wasted my time wheelin instead of fishin that night! 01:11 4.2MB
VIDEO I'm out trying to show how deep i got when we stuck it.. hard to tell in the movie just how deep it went. 00:29 1.4MB
VIDEO Brotha Billy learns to hold on while filming my rooster tails. I held 1st gear to about 40mph or so, you can hear me feathering the throttle to keep it below redline. 00:18 865K
VIDEO Last but not least, a view of the Jon Smith kind of driving :) Ruts are cool! 00:11 609K
For many more off-roading videos, check out the DML Meet Reports section, there are a lot of videos in the 2000 and later DML BBQ and Daktoberfest reports.

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