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The database currently contains experiences spread across dealers.

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To search the Dealership Rating Resource, go to the DML Search Engine, type in your query, and make sure "DML Dealer Rating Resource" is selected in the drop down listbox.
Welcome to the DML Dealership Rating Resource! The basic purpose of this page is to help DMLers to choose a good dealership at which to have their Dak serviced, or to purchase parts or a whole new Dak from. :-) Although dealerships can change over time, some are so bad that its best to simply avoid them. Others are excellent, and deserve extra business because of the professional way in which they conduct themselves and treat their clients. Still others excel in certain areas while falling short in others. (For example, a good sales department, but poor service...) This page was created to let people benefit from the experiences of their fellow DMLers in determining the relative worth of a particular dealership. A side benefit of this page will hopefully be to reward "good" dealerships (by bringing them extra business) and to punish the "bad" dealerships (by diverting potential customers to better dealerships).

In a way, this resource is similar to Chrysler's "5 star" program, but hopefully this one will actually work. ;-) I have seen reports on the DML of several "5 star" dealers who definitely didn't deserve the rating. Either these dealers are circumventing the process somehow, or there is a weakness in the system somewhere. With this resource, the people evaluating the dealerships are your fellow DMLers, and not some unknown process. This format has its weaknesses as well, but you will be able to see the comments of each and every person who rates a dealership. By reading their comments and discovering how they came about their rating, you can come to some sort of conclusion as to wether the person is a total nut case, or perhaps what they're saying will make sense.
Here's how this works:

The dealerships are stored in a sort of pseudo-database. Therefore, you can view them sorted in several different ways: name, location, or rating (overall / parts / sales / service). Just click on the sort method you'd like. One thing to keep in mind here is if you sort by a department rating (parts / sales / service), it might not show all of the dealerships! For example, if dealer A doesn't have a parts department rating (because no-one has rated that department), and you sort the dealers by their parts department rating, dealer A won't show up, because it doesn't have a parts department rating! All dealerships will show up for sure though if you sort them by Name, Location, or overall rating.

When you're looking at the sorted list of dealerships, you'll see their name, address, phone/fax, URL, e-mail address, the ratings of each of their departments, and the overall rating for that dealer. (Computed by averaging the ratings of each of that dealer's departments.) Next to the rating for each department, you will see the number of respondents which contributed ratings for that department. (The department rating is computed by averaging the ratings of all respondents.)

If you get a "permission denied" error while using this resource, it may be that I'm rebuilding the files to include another dealer or experience; so just keep trying. If you can't access it within a minute or so, there may indeed be something wrong. (Flush your cache, it may be that the page has been rebuilt, but your browser isn't checking it, and is just giving you the old error from its cache...)
If you have any comments, problems, suggestions, etc. feel free to e-mail 'em to me at jon@dakota-truck.net. Thanks!
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