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This is the place to submit your Dakota Mailing List profile. Your profile submission will be entirely automated. I'll never have to touch it, so you can tweak your profile to your heart's content. That's the plan, anyway. ;-) Also, I considered building in a mechanism to prevent offensive profiles from being added, but I've decided against it (for now). Just use your best judgement while submitting. Since this is my server, these pages reflect on me. Therefore, I'm reserving the right to remove any offensive profiles. I highly doubt this will ever become an issue but I thought I should bring it to your attention, just in case.

Well, enough about that... On to the fun stuff!!

Administrative section

The top portion of this form is treated differently than the bottom portion. The info up here is used by the software, and is technically not a part of your profile. This is why you must enter your Name and e-mail address twice. Its mildly annoying, but I think its a small price to pay. Just cut 'n paste. :-)

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Profile section

This is the second portion of the form. All of the fields below are optional. If you don't want to fill in a particular field, then don't! :-) Any fields that you leave blank won't even show up on your profile when people view it. A few of the fields on this form are special. Whatever you enter into these special fields will become a hyperlink. What you enter will be the destination of the link, as well as its description. You can have more than one item in these fields. A space or a carridge return will separate them. These fields will be marked with this annoying LED: (And you will like it!!!) ;-)

Personal Information


This name here you can enter "normally". i.e. Don't worry about "Lastname, Firstname", just gimme your name. (or handle)


E-Mail Address:

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Don't forget the leading "http://"!!

Description/Explanation of the "other" home page(s):

What is your age?

What other vehicles do you currently own?

What other vehicles have you owned previously?

What are some of your other hobbies?

What do you do for a living?

Additional comments:

Vehicle Information








Additional info:

How many miles/kilometers are on the truck?

Aftermarket Modifications


In Progress:


What would you do to your truck if money were no object?

Additional Modification Comments:


(estimate) (measurement) (published info) (none)

(estimate) (measurement) (published info) (none)

(estimate) (measurement) (published info) (none)

1/4 mile:
(estimate) (measurement) (published info) (none)

Top Speed:
(estimate) (measurement) (published info) (none)

(estimate) (measurement) (published info) (none)

your profile, or the form and start over.


Here's a section that I thought some of you may want to take advantage of... You can post pictures, sounds, and videos of yourself, your truck, etc. You can do this in two different ways. First, you can have this stuff on your own server and enter its URL in the boxes below. (Don't forget the leading "http://"!) Another way is to enter a filename in the boxes below, and then send that file to me. I'll make it accessible on my server. You can get these files to me by sending them as e-mail attachments to jon@dakota-truck.net


Description/Explanation of the above picture(s):


Description/Explanation of the above sound(s):


Description/Explanation of the above video(s):

the survey, or the form and start over.

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