Calling Daimler-Chrysler for order status


You must have your VON# (order #) supplied by the dealer before you call DC for status. (8 digits)

  1. Call 1-800-992-1997 (1-800-465-2001 from Canada)
  2. Listen to the automated operator then press 2. (To continue.)
  3. Hold for the next available agent. DO NOT ENTER A FOUR DIGIT EXTENSION! WAIT ON THE LINE AND MAKE NO SELECTIONS. The line will sound dead and you'll think you screwed up. You DIDN'T! WAIT!
  4. When Prompted press 1. (you are a customer.)
  5. When Prompted press 3. (customer service issues.)
  6. Press 3 Again. (customer service issues.)
  7. Press 3 yet again. Later, once your order gets rolling they'll give you a VIN#, when you have it you will press 1 here. (3 = Home telephone number, 1 = VIN)
  8. Enter your 10 digit home telephone number. (No 1 before the area code.)
  9. Press 1 (If telephone number read back to you correctly.)
  10. Wait on the line for a customer service representative.
  11. When they pick up tell them you want to check on the status of a 2000 Dakota order.


BB - review by fleet department
BD - special equipment processing
BE - edit error
BG - passed edit n/a for schedule
BGL - edit ok parts unavailable
BX - passed edit available for schedule
C - sub firm
D - firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
D - 1 gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
E - frame
F - paint
G - trim
I - built not ok'd
J - built ok'd
JB - shipped to body vendor
JE - emission check
JS - shipped to storage
KZ - released by plant , invoiced
KZL - released - not shipped
KZM - first rail departure
KZN - first rail arrival
KZO - delayed/recieved
KZOA - plant holds
KZOB - zone/distribution holds
KZOC - carrier delays
KZOD - carrier holds
KZOE - mis-shipped vehicle
KZOF - show/test vehicle
KZOG - damaged vehicle
KZOH - all other reasons
KZT - second rail departure
KZU - second rail arrival
KZX - delivered to dealer
ZA - canceled


More than likely your Order will be shipped by rail to a nearby rail depot in your state. Once your order is shipped or preparing to be shipped the customer service folks at DC should be able to tell you what railroad your order will be shipped on. If it's already been shipped they may even be able to tell you what rail car number it's on. You can then either call the railroad or go to the rail roads website, plug your VIN number (or last eight) or rail car number into their tracking system, and it will tell you exactly where your truck is! It's theoretically possible to track your truck all the way to the rail depot in your state! Here's just a couple railroads to get you started.

Union Pacific Railroad - http://my.uprr.com/pub/pet/
Santa Fe Burlington Northern - http://www.bnsf.com/cws/tracing/index.html

If the railroad your truck is being shipped on is something other than the above. Just do a search and you should be able to find a website for that railroad and at least a phone number to call.

Many thanks to Nate Johnson (natedak2k@yahoo.com) for putting together the above info!
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