3rd Annual DML BBQ and Trail Ride - July 6-7, 2001
Forestville, NY


Thursday July 12, 2001

Andy cruises down to Jon's place in the late morning/early afternoon. About 12:45, he realizes he forgot how to get there and calls Jon. He, Jason, Norah and Adam are at Wendy's, and will "probably be back soon after you get there." Andy arrives at Jon's empty barn at 1 PM sharp. Around 3, they return from lunch and the grocery/supply run.

After a little small talk and unloading the bounty, Andy's Dak is rolled onto the lift for a tire rotation and the installation of the tow hooks and skid plates scavenged from the Bleazard's '98 when they "returned it to stock" prior to turning it in for an '01 QC. Madness ensues.

The transfer case plate lines up smoothly after heating and hammering the frame cross member into submission, bent at last year's BBQ. It doesn't bolt on so easily. Then a false start using some Grade 5 Stainless bolts with Nylock nuts. They don't want to crank down all the way, so Jon keeps going at it with the wrenches and eventually shears the bolt in half. Back to Plan B - factory hardware. After completing this one, we beat the gas tank plate into submission and bolt it up. We wash up and get some grub (chicken marinated in Italian dressing, grilled) before proceeding.

After dinner, the real fun begins. As it turns out, part of the skid plate package is a bolt-in cross member that fits right under the Y-pipe. Jon & Jason didn't remove this cross member from the '98, thinking it was a "normal" piece. After a quick dry fit, we realize Andy's truck doesn't have this piece and the front axle skid plate can't be bolted on. 2/3 ain't bad.

We pull the bumper off and start in on the brackets, which are replaced by a larger piece from the tow hook package. Unfortunately, these brackets use bolts that are pressed in and simply will not come out. Jon tries a few hammers and nothing works. After quite a while, we give up and busy ourselves with other tasks.

Late in the evening, Jon whips out videotapes of the 2000 Top Truck Challenge.

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Working on Andy's truck, the mud pit, setting up the web cam

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