1999 Toronto DML Meet #6 - Saturday June 19, 1999
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These pics are from the trip up... My Dak was under the weather (I think it was in the shop getting some bent valves replaced), so Jason offered me the use of his white '95 4x4 V6. The first few pics are some pics of Norah's black '98 4x4 V8 as I'm driving Jason's Dak. We met up with Randy at a carpool area (which is where Jason took the black Dak on a little in-city 4x4 run). ;-) There are a couple of pics of the 3 of us on the highway, a pic of another white 4x4 Dak at a rest area, and at the same rest area, Jason's Dak bleeding antifreeze. Apparently, the water pump didn't feel like going to the meet. Maybe it thought there was gonna be some racing involved, I dunno. :-)

Anyway, to make a long story short, Jason sent his Dak off to the dealer behind a tow truck, I got a ride with Randy, and we all continued on to the track.

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DML'ers racing
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DML'ers on show field
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