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1999 Toronto DML Meet #6 - Saturday June 19, 1999


Here's how this works... I'll show you a small thumbnail of each picture, probably along with some blabbing about it. There are two versions of most pictures; one is a plain ol' picture, but with the other I've added some labels. In the "labeled" version, yellow text identifies the owner of each truck, and red text identifies people.

Yellow == truck owners, Red == people

Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up the labeled picture. If you'd like to see the version without all the text and labels, click on the "*" to the right of the picture.
For this meet, Bob Tom and his son Dave, Jason & Norah Bleazard, Eddie & Lisa Estoppey, Randy Drew, and myself (Jon Steiger) went to the St. Thomas Dragway in London, Ontario for an all-Mopar show and race.

As usual, this event was a whole lot of fun! :-) Despite a few snags, a good time was had by all.

Oh, and don't forget... Beware of Scary Girl! (I could tell ya but then I'd have to kill ya...) ;-)

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The trip up
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DML'ers racing
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Non-DML'ers racing
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DML'ers on show field
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Non-DML'ers on show field
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Misc pics
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Jon Steiger
September 15, 1999

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