Summer 1999 DML BBQ - Saturday July 3, 1999
Group pics


From left to right: Jason & Norah Bleazard, David & Carolyn Martin, Jon Steiger, Randy Drew, Eddie & Lisa Estoppey

The only person missing from this shot is Ed McCarrick; he's the tall guy in the next photo:

From left to right: Carolyn & David Martin, Jon Steiger, Randy Drew, Eddie Estoppey, Ed McCarrick

Note: From now on, when I say "Ed", I mean Ed McCarrick; when I say "Eddie" I'm talking about Eddie Estoppey... Confused yet? The fun is just beginning... :-)

Since this is a DML meet report after all, how about a group shot of the trucks too?

From left to right: Ed's Ford Ranger V6 4x4 ("At least its a 4x4" --David), Jon's '96 V8 4x2, Norah's '98 V8 4x4, Eddie's '98 V6 4x2, Randy's '97 V6 4x2, David's '98 V8 4x4

Ed is a friend of mine who lives in the area, hence the Ranger. :-) He had never had it off road before, and was interested to see how it would do. I thought it would be neat to see how it would compare to the Daks. Everyone there except for David, Carolyn, and Randy had met Ed before, as he has accompanied me to Toronto Meet II and Toronto Meet III.

Home Pages and E-mail addresses of the folks that attended:
Jason Bleazard: jbleazard@home.com
Norah Bleazard: nbleazard@home.com
Randy Drew: fonman@ican.net
Eddie Estoppey: dakgts@home.com
David Martin: david.martin@ivyleague.net
Jon Steiger: jon@dakota-truck.net

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