Your mailer is down? You came up with a great idea that you want to share with the mailing list? You're just plain bored and wasting time? No problem... You too can:

Contribute to the Dakota mailing list!

The Your Email address: field needs to contain your mail address so that we can respond to the right person. Also, if the mail bounces for some reason, you will receieve notification if Your Email address : is set correctly. If Your Email: is set incorrectly, you might as well be mailing /dev/null for all the good it'll do ya.

This page is for posting to the Dakota mailing list. All administrative requests will be ignored!! Many people will be recieving your post, so putting an administrative request in this form is anything but an anonymous mistake.

Please note that only subscribers can send mail to the list, so you will have to subscribe first if you wish to send something via this gateway. Of course, if you have access to your e-mail program, a better way to post is to simply send your message to dakota-truck@dakota-truck.net

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Important: Please put carridge returns at the end of each line! If you don't, your message will come through as one huge line which causes problems for some e-mail programs and is very hard to read. Thanks!!

Also: Sometimes the WWW server will time out. However, the message is sent before the data starts to come back from the WWW server. If you get a message that says there was some sort of error, if you can, please wait a few minutes to see if the message shows up on the DML, before hitting the "send" button again. Thanks!

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