Welcome to the DML Subscription Suspender!


This gateway allows you to temporarily suspend your subscription to the DML. So, if you are going out of town for a while, you can set up an entry here which will automatically unsubscribe you whenever you like and then re-subscribe you whenever you'd like. This way, you don't have to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe by hand. There is no danger of forgetting in the confusion of packing or getting ready for vacation, and then coming back to a full mailbox or finding out that your ISP suspended your account because of the size of your mail spool. Also, you can set the time that you'd like to re-subscribe to be before you actually get back, so that the DML mail starts coming in before you actually get home. You'll miss a minimum of messages, and you'll have something interesting to read after you unpack.

Please bear in mind that the times that you specify here are the times that this program will send out the unsubscribe and re-subscribe requests on your behalf; they are not the actual, exact times that you will be unsubscribed and re-subscribed. It may take a little time for the list server to process the requests. The delay might be a few seconds or maybe even a few hours, but there will be a delay. Also, even after you are unsubscribed, you will receive any queued up messages that were waiting to be sent out.

At this point you can either create a new entry, or call up an existing one.
(If you want to change or delete an entry, you must first call it up.)
Create a new entry:

Note: This form uses a 24-hour clock for inputting time. 00:00 is midnight, 01:30 is 1:30am, 09:45 is 9:45am, etc. To convert 24 hour times of 13:00 or above, simply subtract 12 hours and call it PM. So, 13:00 would be 1:00pm, 18:30 would be 6:30pm, etc. Also, all times are Eastern Standard Time. For your reference, the current EST date and time is approximately Fri Apr 19 05:34:34 2024 . Also, be sure that you get your e-mail address right, otherwise this won't work!

E-mail address:
Enter a Password:
Indicate which version of the list you are subscribed to:

Input the date and time to unsubscribe you:
at :

Input the date and time to re-subscribe you:
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Call up an existing entry:

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