mud track

Daktoberfest 2002  - Saturday Oct. 19th

Video Clips Page

Footage shot by "Terrible Tom"Stack
Clips created by Jon Steiger

mud track

Jon and I go down Mud Lane - It's a bumpy ride!

Jon drops into a hole right where I say "nice" - he then rolls my window up as the mud starts flying!

4.3 MB

Jason churns through Mud Land. Ed points out "You missed the hole Jason!" Jason makes remarks about "driver skill".

4.8 MB

Ed dives right into the hole in Mud Lane after saying it was "Not Quad Cab territory".

699 K

Ed and Jason drive
through the river bed and to the Upper Waterfall.

1.2 MB

A slow camera pan across the rushing water fall, and over to the parked trucks.

You might want to turn your speakers down a bit - the water was loud.

2.3 MB

Here it is. Jon, the Ram, and I take on The Pit and discover that it has MUCH more water in it, than appears.  

If you listen carefully - you can hear the "thunk" as the engine fills up with water and hydrolocks.  It happens just before I whistle.  The Word of The Night is: "huh"

3.7 MB

This vid clip is large, but shows the tail end of the Ram being winched out. It also shows water in the engine, and a few seconds of the truck being brought back to the barn.

This clip also shows that Ed did not, infact, try to pull the Ram out of the pit by hand hehe.

6.6 MB.