Dakota Pictures


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A 6 wheel Dakota?!? Hey, its possible! At least, that's what I figured when I fell hook, line, and sinker for these photos (especially 6wheel02.jpg) from Dr. Jpeg, aka Sam Parthemer - (samp@king.cts.com) :)
98_texas_dmlmeet01.gif 98_texas_dmlmeet02.gif 98_texas_dmlmeet03.gif
A few pics from the Houston photo shoot at the battleship during the 1998 Texas DML meet.
Battleship photo, from left to right:
Jim Vaught, Gene Rivers, Roderic Vaughn, Geoffrey Hackbart, Mike Clark, Tate Strickland, Brian Lee, Tate's son (Zach?).
Note: Steven Bish was in the pic at the far right, but he was cut off the print.
Group photo, from left to right:
Tate Strickland and son, Gene Rivers, Steven Bish, Roderick Vaughn, Brian Lee, Geoffrey Hackbart, Mike Clark and Jim Vaught.

For plenty more pictures and info about this meet, click here.

asuncion01.jpg asuncion02.jpg asuncion03.jpg asuncion04.jpg
Here are 4 pics of my Dak. Its a 1999 Dakota CC Sport+, 5.2 V8, 44-RE transmission, 4wheel ABS, 3.55 trac-lok rear end, heavy duty service group, skid plates, and misc. Mopar accessories (tow hooks, bug shield, mudflaps, etc) Hopefully I can get my own webpage updated....but anyway here are some pics for now - hope you like them!
-Darren Asuncion
Shane Baker's '98 R/T

baldwin1.jpg baldwin2.jpg baldwin3.jpg baldwin4.jpg baldwin5.jpg baldwin6.jpg baldwin7.jpg baldwin8.jpg baldwin9.jpg baldwin10.jpg baldwin11.jpg

My 1996 dodge dakota sport V6 2wd with 5% limo tint CB radio JVC cd player Power Acuostik 1000 watt amp ant 2/10" daul 1000 watt subs a ravin muffler and in a few weeks i am installing a 6" life kit and im going to get 4wd installed on it caz i love by dakota soo much i cant sell it for another with 4wd it shuold be about 3,500 to get it dun. then put some 31s tires put on it. so i can go do some reall off roading and not get stuck on a sandy hill and get stuck so that your bottumed out and have to call a tow truck to pull you out and charg 100$ to do it. such a rip off!!! but never agen for me.
barret01.jpg barret02.jpg barret03.jpg barret04.jpg barret05.jpg barret06.jpg
Matt Barret's 2000 Dakota Sport V8

2000 Reg. Cab Sport Plus 4.7L V-8 5 spd. 3.92 LSD.
First time to the strip back in October '99 I ran a 15.13 @ 89.23 mph
That was in stock form, no mods!
I have since put a home brew open element K&N filter on the truck. I took the truck back to the strip on 11/7/99 and ran a best 14.900 @ 92.78 mph.
The K&N was the only modification to the truck! The truck had about 2000 miles on it. I have now added leaf spring clamps. Next I am going to do some exhaust work, and then back to the strip!
bergan01.jpg bergan02.jpg bergan03.jpg bergan04.jpg
Ed Bergan's 1996 4x2 V8 5-speed Sport.

Bob Bernstein's 1998 Dodge Dakota 4x4
5.2L 318 V8, 3.92 LSD, Power Package, Handling Package, AC, Fog Lamps etc...
See the sticker and all the features at http://www.voicenet.com/~bobbern/dakota.html

Jason & Norah Bleazard:

kiraly01.jpg kiraly02.jpg kiraly03.jpg kiraly04.jpg kiraly05.jpg kiraly06.jpg kiraly07.jpg kiraly08.jpg
Norah Bleazard's 95 Sport (may he rest in peace).

It was a '95 Dakota Sport, 2WD, 4 speed automatic, 3.9 Liter V-6, heavy-duty suspension, Sure-Grip, Air Conditioning and Locktronics security system.

My first was a '93 Dakota Club Cab, 4 speed auto, 3.9 Liter V-6, electric blue, and tilt steering.

janor01.jpg janor02.jpg janor03.jpg janor04.jpg janor08.jpg
Now I'm driving a '98 Dakota Sport+, Club Cab, black, 4 speed auto, 5.2 Liter V-8. I guess I've upgraded slowly over the years.

bleazard01.jpg bleazard02.jpg bleazard03.jpg
The white Dakota is a 95 Sport 4x4 (see my user profile for more info).
These pictures were taken in the spring of 97, when Norah and I were in the Moab, Utah and Arches National Park area.

janor05.jpg janor06.jpg janor07.jpg

janor09.jpg janor10.jpg janor11.jpg janor12.jpg
Playing with the Central Ontario 4x4 club.

Skid plate vs. big rock

Look at the mud plugging up the tow hook. Note to self: attach strap first, then enter mud hole.

Jason: jbleazard@home.com
Norah: nbleazard@home.com
bonanno01.jpg bonanno02.jpg bonanno03.jpg
Kevin Bonanno's '98 Dakota Sport
bradley01.jpg bradley02.jpg bradley03.jpg bradley04.jpg bradley05.jpg bradley06.jpg
99 R/T CC. ABS, Overhead Power Convenience, Power 6"x9" mirrors, 6-way Power Driver's Seat, AM/FM/CD, Towing Package. Will very soon have a Dodge fiberglass tonneau and Line-X bed liner.

Seth Bradley sbradley@iwa.dp.intel.com
bridges01.jpg bridges02.jpg bridges03.jpg
Bruce Bridges' 1998 Dakota R/T.

brown01.gif brown02.gif brown03.gif brown04.gif brown05.gif brown06.gif brown07.gif brown08.gif brown09.gif

These pics should make any Dak owner cringe... You can still see the showroom shine on the side of Josh Brown's "old" '97 Dakota. However, they are a powerful testament to the strength and safety of this incredible truck. Here's the description of what happened in Josh's own words from the DML:
> Didn't someone on this list have a head-on with a car that was
>going 100+ last year and walk away from it?

That would have been me, I was hit head on by a car that was running the cops on the wrong side on the freeway, he was estimated at speeds in excess of 125 mph and i was going my usual 80-85 and he came around a big corner and we collided head on, he was killed instantly, his passenger had both legs amputated brain damage and died a week later, and i had a shattered knee cap, and a scrape on my elbow. If I was wearing my seatbelt I would not have even shattered my knee cap, (it collided with my CB) I have the pictures of my truck and the other guys car that I can send or put on the DML website showing the rigidity of these fine trucks we have grown to love and depend on to keep us safe.?????
PHANTOM318@msn.com, 97 CC 318ci 4x4,
flowmaster dual exhaust, Wiend air cleaner,
3.92 gears, decals removed, CB radio.
...so here they are. (The non-Dakota pics are of the LeBaron driven by the bank robber.)
bujdos01.jpg bujdos02.jpg

Brad E Bujdos, Mopar Performance Race Team Member
1995 Dakota SLT Club Cab 2WD
Until 6/30/98: beb120@psu.edu
After 6/30/98: beb120@alumni.psu.edu

Brilliant Blue/Silver, 5.2 Liter V8, Posi, Tilt, Cruise, Power Windows, Locks & Mirrors, CB, Detector, Sliding Rear Window, 22 gal. Fuel Tank, Mopar Bed Liner, Lund Bug Deflector, GTS Window Vents, Deflecta-Shield Tailgate Spoiler, PIAA Fogs, AVS Headlight Covers, Ultra 15X7 Wheels, 245/60/15 BFGs, Stainless Duals, Glasspacks, K&N Filter, 5% on Rear/21% on Doors, '69 Roadrunner Decals, Eclipse Single Disc Head Unit, JL Audio 12" Subs, Boston Acoustic 5 1/4s, 5X7s & 1" Tweets, 101,000 miles on the clock (4/98).
bull01.jpg bull02.jpg bull03.jpg
Dustin Bull's '99 Dakota Sport


callahan01.jpg callahan02.jpg callahan03.jpg
callahan_walker01.jpg callahan_walker02.jpg callahan_walker03.jpg callahan_walker04.jpg
Andy Callahan's (quasideedle@uky.campus.mci.net) '97 Dakota Sport Club Cab .

V8, black/mist gray, 3.55 sure grip, tire and handling package, power windows & locks & 5x7 mirrors, tilt, cruise, overhead console, buckets, security group, Infinity CD/cassette, 4 wheel ABS, air, fog lamps, light group, sliding rear window, Gemtop GT Classic Stell Tonneau Cover, Mopar bed mat, "Meldrum" K&N FIPK clone.

(The Red '93 belongs to John Walker... [see below])
carter01.jpg carter02.jpg carter03.jpg carter04.jpg
Mike Carter's '93 360ci V8 4x4

carter01.jpg - Plain, innocent looking 4WD Dakota. That's right, you're getting sleeeepy...go to sleeep.

carter02.jpg - A "going away" present for mustang drivers who've just been had.

carter03.jpg - The customized and fully worked 400 Horse 360 cu Magnum replacement motor... the reason why the mustangs are still trying to catch up. Note the twin air filter intakes - stealth ram air.

carter04.jpg - The motor being built. Shown are the Keith black pistons. Note the cool honing job! The cam is being checked for just the right fit.

jclark01.jpg jclark02.jpg
Jason Clark's '97 Sport+.

clark01.jpg clark02.jpg clark03.jpg clark04.jpg clark05.jpg clark06.jpg clark07.jpg clark08.jpg clark09.jpg clark10.jpg clark11.jpg clark12.jpg clark13.jpg clark14.jpg
Michael Clark's '93 Dakota. 4 speed automatic, 5.2 Liter V-8, stock except for the MOPAR SBEC and Splitfire plugs. Mark III conversion; ground effects, leather wood grain trim, etc... 255/60 R15 Goodyear Eagles. Kenwood 10 disk CD changer and Kenwood receiver, with Infinity Kappa 5 1/4" in the front driven at 50w X 2, 5X7 Jensen's in the rear (soon to be replaced). This truck was the result of a grand prize drawing at the local county fair. Total purchase price was just over $1,000 wich was tt&l. After almost 3 years I finally talked my parents out of it! :) -All pictures aquired with a Snappy Video Snapshot device and a Hi-8 Sony TR-81 camcorder-

Check out the Sounds page to hear this truck speak.

cleary01.gif cleary02.gif
Brian Cleary
North York Ontario Canada
89 Sport bought new
270000km,s and still going strong.
3.9 Auto with Air, Tilt Cruise
K&N filter, Dynomax CAT back.
Rancho 5000's, BFG 32x11.5's on American Racing 8" wheels.
My wife and love this truck and hope to put another 270000km's on it

clements01.jpg clements02.jpg clements03.jpg clements04.jpg clements05.jpg
318 v8 392 sure grip Gibson 3 Inch Exhaust, K&N Force Air System, 180 Degree Stat, Tinted Windows, Pace Edwards Roll Cover , 5 - speed Jba stainless steel headers, power doors, windows, keyless entry, overhead console, trip computer, Infinity sound system.

Up coming Mods:

Hyper Tech Chip
Carbon Fiber Dash
New Rims (Next Week) Will be on

Bill Clements
An artist's rendition of the 1997/1999 Dodge Dakota.

Craigs (Dakota3d) Powderdyne supercharged 318 Dakota Sport, with Gibson dual exhaust, MSD ignition, and #24 lb. injectors. See my profile for my web site...

Ned Vogler's Dakota with a freind's '70 'Cuda in Carlisle.

darville01.jpg darville02.jpg darville03.jpg darville04.jpg darville05.jpg
Shane Darville's '92 4x4 V6 Dakota LE

david01.gif david02.gif david03.gif
Randy David's '98 Dakota V8.
DZavetsky's blue 1992 V8 4x4.

drd_a.jpg drd_b.jpg drd_c.jpg drd_d.jpg drd_e.jpg drd_f.jpg
David R.'s '97 Dakota V8 Club Cab

drd05.jpg drd06.jpg drd07.jpg drd08.jpg drd09.jpg drd10.jpg drd11.jpg
David R.'s '06 Dakota V8 Club Cab

1995 v8 4x2 Mark III conversion. (dark green) The Mark III conversion consists of ground effects, bed rails, a lowering kit, wider, faster rated tires, custom rims, wood interior trim, leather seats, a power sliding rear window, and of course, every option in the book. Unfortunately, this particular truck was an automatic. If it was a 5-speed, this description would read "A picture of my '95 Dakota Mark III". ;-)

dorn01.jpg dorn02.jpg dorn03.jpg dorn04.jpg dorn05.jpg dorn06.jpg dorn07.jpg dorn08.jpg dorn09.jpg
George Dorn's '89 Shelby Dakota #288

durling01.jpg durling02.jpg durling03.jpg durling04.jpg durling05.jpg
Jeff Durling's '96 Dakota V8

1996 Regular Cab Sport
5.2 V8
Pace Edwards Roll-Top Cover
Rosewood Dash Kit
FIPK Clone
180 Thermostat
Slotted Taillight Covers

Wayne Edward's '99 Dakota 4x4 V6.

estoppey01.jpg estoppey02.jpg estoppey03.jpg estoppey04.jpg estoppey05.jpg estoppey06.jpg estoppey07.jpg estoppey08.jpg estoppey09.jpg estoppey10.jpg
Visit my Webpage @ http://www.MoparEd.com
1998 Dodge Dakota GTS, RC, SB, 239 Auto, Intense Blue, Xenon Body Kit, ProGlass Hood, Street Scene Hood Cowl and Mirrors, K&N Drop In Filter, Blue Engine Wire Loom, Gts Painted Headlight Covers, Painted V-Tech Tailight Covers, Painted Dash Bezzle, Door Handles and Window Cranks, Painted TailGate Pop&Lock, Jc Whitney CatBack Dual Exhaust, ASP 3 Peice Underdrive Pulleys, Mopar Performance 8mm Plug Wires, Checkmate FX Flush Mount Tonneau Cover, GroundForce 2/4 Drop, Concept Neeper Chrome 18x8 "N7" Wheels, Dunlop SP Sport 8000 P255/45zr/18's, Steve 2me Grille Treatment, Avital "Phoenix" Security System, Remote Starter, JVC KSRT-515 Remote Tape Deck (paint matched to my Dak), and a 12 Pack CD Changer.

fawcett01.jpg fawcett02.jpg fawcett03.jpg fawcett04.jpg fawcett05.jpg fawcett06.jpg fawcett07.jpg fawcett08.jpg fawcett09.jpg fawcett10.jpg fawcett11.jpg
Tom Fawcett's '98 4x4 V8.


Thomas Graff's '89 Dakota V8

hackbart01.jpg hackbart02.jpg hackbart03.jpg hackbart04.jpg
-98 Dakota CC SLT 3.9L V6 auto, Metallic Red ext./Camel Int., Infinity sound system(not for long), pwr everything, split rear window, tire/handling pkg, etc.
-Engine mods:
Flowmaster 3 chamber dual exhaust(rear exit w/chrome tips), Magnecor 8.5mm wires, Champion Truck plugs, & 10" FABM w/ K&N air filter, 180 degree thermostat, Trangso shift kit.
-Exterior accessories:
Century fiberglass lid, TOFF spray-in bedliner, 3pc. bugshield, Vtech "originals" painted tailight covers, Vtech painted marker mask covers, removed factory emblems except V6, painted valance panels, painted grill, custom white pinstripes, painted molded splash guards, custom decals, & Bridgestone Dueler H/P 275-60-15's on Progressive PRO-222CR 15x8.5's.
-Interior accessories
Whistler Radar detector, tinted windows, air horns, Sony CDX-C780 CD head unit, Audio Control Four.1 EQ, Focal 165KS 6.5" component speakers, MTX Thunder 275X, MTX Thunder 2150X amp, MTX Thunderform w/2 10" MTX Thunder 5000 subwoofers, Red/Black Carbon Fiber dash accent kit, White face gauges.

Geoffrey C Hackbart
harmon01.jpg harmon02.jpg
Jim Harmon's 1997 Dakota Sport

"Take a look at this Dakota. preview picts before the mags come out. The web page for this truck is http://home.earthlink.net/~jdharmon/"

Jim Harmon
helmus01.jpg helmus02.jpg helmus03.jpg helmus04.jpg helmus05.jpg helmus06.jpg helmus07.jpg helmus08.jpg helmus09.jpg
Weldon Helmus' 99 CC Deep Amethyst R/T

K&N drop-in filter, clear front markers, J&J SS tube grille inserts, ARMA Liner, decals removed, VersaCap tonneau, mud flaps, V Tech taillight mask.

hemmings01.jpg hemmings02.jpg hemmings03.jpg
1991 Dakota 318ci. 4x4, walker muffler doesn't sound too bad but it's no Magnum. mopar light bar with bosch foward and fog lights,tannou cover with a lund sun visor which came from the factory installed. 235/75/R15 LTX AT Michelins on all fours. with the factoy rims. GTS black outs. This truck is a daily driver. with just barely 100000 on it not bad for a 91.

Mathew Hemmings (hemmings@north.nsis.com)
herrin01.jpg herrin02.jpg herrin03.jpg
Terry Herrin's '99 R/T Club Cab

"Picture one shows off the front clear lens. Picture two is a nice side shot, notice the 255 front tire and raised hard cover. Picture three is the engine compartment, showing off the Quick D intake."

Terry Herin (therrin@isaac.net)
hooper01.jpg hooper02.jpg hooper03.jpg hooper04.jpg hooper05.jpg hooper06.jpg hooper07.jpg hooper08.jpg
James Hooper's '97

You can't see it good in the picture, but the bottom left sticker on the window says "Officer, will this sticker saying SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT stop you from giving me a ticket?". Bumper stickers two turtles Chevy Power + Ford Power. Ram reflects at night when lights hit it. It keeps people off your bumper. Also, they know what passed them. Right side window "Faster than a heartbeat DODGE".

Upgrades: K&N filter, U-D pulleys, JET stage 2 chip, straight pipes, and Ram taillight covers.

This is my 87 DAKOTA,it has 3.9 bored.30 over,headers,dual exhaust,little head work,M-1 intake with a 500 edelbrock.a lite cam,msd ignition,and 904 trans.The truck used to white with a bench.I with buckets from a Daytona,and painted in viper red,wheels by progressive and rubber by BF Goodrich.
JACK - mymopar@theisp.net

jd01.jpg jd02.jpg jd03.jpg
Jerry's '92 LE

It's a 92 LE that I bought new. Since I've had it I've installed a set of Hooker headers, MSD ignition, k-motion valve springs, MP computer, Turboaction converter, 904 transmission, 8.75 rearend with 4:30 gears and mosier axles, weld wheels, and more. The best times I've run with it were 13:20's at 99 mph. I'm sure after next weekend {after my local track opens) I'll be able to say I've run in the 12's at over 100mph.

johnson01.jpg johnson02.jpg johnson03.jpg johnson04.jpg
Bryan Johnson's Dakota Sport.

"Pic at graveyard is where I left all the Chevys & Fords I dusted!!"

junkins01.jpg junkins02.jpg junkins03.jpg junkins04.jpg junkins05.jpg junkins06.jpg junkins07.jpg
Jeff Junkins' '99 Dakota Sport.

keith01.jpg keith02.jpg

This is my '97 Dakota CC 4x4 with a 318 V8 and automatic transmission.
I bought it the minute I saw the new body style, without ever driving one.
My first new truck, and no disappointments. Modifications include:

Centerline Hellcat 15.8.5" polished aluminum rims
BFG AT 32x11.5x15" tires
Mopar computer processor
Gibson 3" single exit exhaust with polished aluminum tip
K&N air filter
Mopar bra
Mopar hood, fender, and side window deflectors
Tonneau cover
Penda bedliner
Pioneer 6-disc CD changer (inside console)
** Vortech in '99 **


Jim Keith
Gurnee, Illinois

kilian01.jpg kilian02.jpg kilian03.jpg
Dave Kilain's '96 Dakota CC Sport 4x4 3.9L 5-spd

Mods: 2" Rear spring lift, front T-bar crank, 30x9.50 BFG AT's, Brush guard w/ Hellas, Tow hooks, Tool Box, Sunroof, Cobra 18 CB, 4' Firestik II, Alpine 6-disc CD Changer/Head Unit/amp, JBL speakers, Rhode Gear bike mount, and a white dog named Jake in the passenger seat. 75,000+ miles.

knoxjim01.jpg knoxjim02.jpg knoxjim03.jpg knoxjim04.jpg knoxjim05.jpg knoxjim06.jpg knoxjim07.jpg knoxjim08.jpg knoxjim09.jpg knoxjim10.jpg knoxjim11.jpg knoxjim12.jpg knoxjim13.jpg knoxjim14.jpg knoxjim15.jpg
Jim Knox's '91 Dakota Sport 4x4 5.2L auto

kole01.jpg kole02.jpg kole03.jpg kole04.jpg kole05.jpg
Russ Kole's '99 R/T

kuk01.gif kuk02.gif
Kuk's 95 Sport. This Dak sports a 5.2 w/5 speed and 3.91 with a sure-grip posi. Ground Force dropped the truck 3" front and rear, Custom Cover tonneau, limo tint, fiberglass rear roll pan and all stripes and decals deleted 'cept for the Magnum badge. Then there's the motor. 325 horse 5.2 with Crane's 2030 Compucam, MP computer, pulleys, ported and polished throttle body, ported and polished exhaust manifolds, gasket matched, Crane HI-6 ignition, 2.5 Cat only exhaust, MOPAR Pro-Stock sealed hood scoop with a K&N velocity stack. Happy motoring... .

Check out the Sounds page to hear this truck speak.

kurtz01.jpg kurtz02.jpg
Eric Kurtz's '95 360ci V8.

kuzia01.jpg kuzia02.jpg kuzia03.jpg kuzia04.jpg kuzia05.jpg kuzia06.jpg kuzia07.jpg kuzia08.jpg kuzia09.jpg
  1. Front 3/4 view
  2. Rear 3/4 view
  3. AAR hood
  4. Engine
  5. Viper buckets, R/T center console
  6. Body shop, getting paint
  7. Body shop, stripped down
  8. My old 99 Dakota, sold for the 95 Dak
  9. My other Dakota, daily driver
360ci, 5-speed, 3.90 8 3/4 axle, limited slip, Jet Black Dupont w/2-stage clear, 15x6 steel wheels, p225/70r15, p275/60r15, Viper bucket seats, 15 gal tank, AAR hood, Lund roll pan. Also many engine mods, see web page or profile at...

I now have a new clutch, but no traction, I should be running in the low 13's if I can get it to hook up. I did manage to knock off a 13.79 @ 102.45 mph this fall. After that, I started breaking axles and transmissions. I have an 8 3/4 with 3.90 gears that will go in come springtime. I also have severe traction problems up to and past the 1/8 mile mark. I often had to abort a run because things get a little too hairy and I start to get sideways. Ironically, when my truck was running 14.30's my 1/8 mile times were about 9.0 @ 79.5 mph, which are very close to my current 8.9 @ 80.3 mph. If I can get things strengthened up and hooked up, I should be able to get some low 13's.
lambert01.jpg lambert02.jpg lambert03.jpg lambert04.jpg lambert07.jpg lambert08.jpg lambert09.jpg lambert10.jpg lambert11.jpg lambert12.jpg lambert13.jpg
'88 Dakota V-6 2wd suregrip

Completed modifications:
Accel Supercoil, Accel 8mm Wires (custom), cat back exhaust (custom), Tach, BFG AT's, Pushbar w/2 chrome 100watt KC's, Back up lights, fog lights, power door locks, Blazer air-horn, splitfire plugs, painted valvecovers and intake, slick 50, megiars wax, in dash cd, cb, window tint, bedrails, contico work box, tailgate guard, painted in bedliner, painted undercarraige, An awesome Alarm (does everthing but make toast)!!! A-518 Tranny since my A-500 Died, Brass cap and Rotor, FABM

Chris Lambert (clam9892@postoffice.uri.edu)
lammmichael01.jpg lammmichael02.jpg lammmichael03.jpg lammmichael04.jpg lammmichael05.jpg lammmichael06.jpg lammmichael07.jpg lammmichael08.jpg lammmichael09.jpg lammmichael10.jpg lammmichael11.jpg lammmichael12.jpg lammmichael13.jpg

Michael Lamm's 1987 Dakota Express



Jodi Lewis' 1998 Dakota Sport V6

lewis01.jpg lewis02.jpg lewis03.jpg lewis04.jpg lewis05.jpg lewis06.jpg

Richard Lewis' (Rlewis7785@AOL.COM) 1992 Dodge Dakota LE Club Cab Best time: 15.628 @ ~88MPH.

The truck is a 318 CID with a 3.55 open rear axle. I have had my truck to the track once after the exhaust and intake treatments. The Intake treatment is an Edelbrock Model 1002 Air Cleaner, and the exhaust is a Dynomax Super Turbo 3" in, Dual 2-1/2" out, exiting the rear (pic taken just before I had this done).
loy01.jpg loy02.jpg loy03.jpg loy04.jpg loy05.jpg

Bert Loy (Bert.W.Loy-1@ou.edu)
ludwick01.jpg ludwick02.jpg ludwick03.jpg ludwick04.jpg ludwick05.jpg
Gary Ludwick's '97 Dakota

97 Dakota SLT, Automatic, with all options except overhead console; Pro-Glass/Keystone ram air hood w/ airbox; K&N filtercharger; Gibson 3" side exhaust; all trim & decals removed (except "Dakota" on tailgate, and "V-8" badge); ARE hard tonneau; grill and fascia panels, front & rear, painted to match body color; factory moulded mud guards, painted body color; Prince electronic mirror, with compass, outside temp and map lights built-in. Still-to-come:3/5 lowering, mopar performance computer module; and perhaps Xenon ground effects kit.

ludwick06.jpg ludwick07.jpg ludwick08.jpg
After Gary's completed 2/ 4.5" drop. (first pic is before the drop)

In Gary's own words:
"This is the Western Chassis kit with new A arms & stock coils, which give a 2" front end drop. Rear is Western Chassis spring shackles and hangers. Hangers are adjustable to give you choice of 4", 4.5", and 5" rear drop.
Took me about 35 hours to completely install everything. The rivets that Dodge uses are a BITCH, and there are 16 in the rear and 8 in the front. The ball joints must be transferred from the old arms to the new ones, (those are the 8 front rivets).
This kit is NOT for the faint-of-heart, or those without professional air tools. Job cannot be done without a compressor, impact wrench, air hammer, and cut-off tool....and even then it's tough!
But, everything works as advertised and I am very pleased with the results."

Bottom of tail pipe is now 7" off the ground.
Front wheel well - 4 inches from top of tire to bottom of fender. Rear, 3.75" from top of tire to bottom of fender.

A Lil' Red Express Dakota caught by Ned Vogler at Chryslers at Carlisle.

lytle01.jpg lytle02.jpg lytle03.gif
These are a couple pictures of my very stock 95 Dodge Dakota. Although if you look close I do have one slight mod... The exhast is dualed out with no muffler.

1994 Dakota Sport, 318 5 Speed, 390 Sure Grip, Mopar Computer, March Underdrive Pulleys, K&N, Doug Thorley Headers, Flowmaster 3" Mandrel exaust, Suspension Techniques 2" drop springs, Suspension Tech 1 1/8" Front Sway bar, Suspension Tech 15/16" Rear sway bar, AIM 3" Pinion corrected lowering blocks, Billet Specialties 17" Rims, BF Goodrich 255/40/ZR Tires, Lund Roll Pan, Tek Sport Toneau Cover.
Owned by MagnumMrk@aol.com.

This Is my '89 Dakota LE. It's a V6 3.9L, 4 speed Auto, 2 wheel drive. It has a homemade dual exhaust with two Borla XR Sportsman mufflers, A K&N supercharged filter, and dual air intakes. I plan to get a 2"-3" body lift and 16" BFG ALL T's. But first i have a load of repars to complete. My passenger side door was hit when open in a parking lot and i got a $700 estimate to fix it! My freon needs to be recharged ( its 100+ hot over here), and i need to have my rear sliding window replaced after it was shattered. I guess i just have to wait and see what happens!

-Dan Matthews (dakota_v6_89@hotmail.com)
martinis01.jpg martinis02.jpg
Martinis98@aol.com's '99 Dakota Sport.
mchugh01.jpg mchugh02.jpg
Alan McHugh's '97

notice the 30 day tags, both taken the same day, 3 days after I bought it in Oct.

Still stock 'cept for bed liner

mckinney01.jpg mckinney03.jpg mckinney04.jpg mckinney05.jpg mckinney06.jpg mckinney07.jpg mckinney08.jpg
John McKinney's 1998 Dakota Sport 4x4

(Also a couple pics of John's "test drive" in a '92.) :-)

meldrum01.jpg meldrum02.jpg meldrum03.jpg meldrum04.jpg meldrum05.jpg meldrum06.jpg
meldrum07.jpg meldrum08.jpg meldrum09.jpg meldrum10.jpg meldrum11.jpg meldrum12.jpg meldrum13.jpg meldrum14.jpg meldrum15.jpg

The RPM Dakota. 318, 5spd, 3.55, Limited Slip, 4WAL, air, 22 gal. tank, bucket seats, Agate interior, standard 15x7 aluminum rims, no power windows, locks, slider, or anything else to slow it down....heh, heh.

How's she run? Well...as of October '97 (pre JET module and 180° stat):

1/4 mile: 14.98 @ 91.76 on a 2.21 60'
1/8 mile: 9.59 @ 73.20
best 60': 2.18 on the stock, bald, 215/75 Goodyears

Check out the Sounds page to hear this truck speak.

Sean Meldrum - spm@c3net.net
Real Per4mance Homepage - http://surf.to/real-per4mance

mmeye01.gif mmeye02.gif mmeye03.gif
Mike Meyerhoff's 1992 3.9 4*2 automatic. My pride and joy. If you want more details on the truck or have any comments just mail me (mmeye@umr.edu). http://www.umr.edu/~mmeye

Jim Miller and his R/T

miller01.jpg miller02.jpg miller03.jpg miller04.jpg
Scott Miller's '89 Shelby Dakota

1989 Shelby Dakota #322
Dual Flowmaster 3-Chamber Exhaust, Cragar Street Star Wheels, Lund Roll Pan, Lowered 2" in rear, Pioneer CD Player, JET Stage II Performance Module, Custom Dual Ram Air System, K&N Drop In Filter, DDBC, MSD 8.5mm wires, MSD Blaster 2 Coil, Turbo Action Shift Kit, 180 degree t-stat.
Best E.T. - 15.20 @ 88.89 mph.
(pre-magnum engine w/ 125,000 mi.)

Upcoming Mods:
360 engine, kill the computer, 904 transmission, reverse manual valve body, B&M QuickSilver Floor Shifter, Bucket Seats, 8 3/4 rear with 4.10 gears, new wheels, paint, and possibly lowered.

Homepage- http://members.tripod.com/~racetruck
E-mail - shelbydakota@usa.net

mize01.jpg mize02.jpg mize03.jpg mize04.jpg mize05.jpg mize06.jpg

Thomas Mize's '94 V6


moore01.jpg moore02.jpg moore03.jpg

Herb Moore's '89 Dakota Sport

morris01.jpg morris02.jpg morris03.jpg morris04.jpg morris05.jpg morris06.jpg morris07.jpg

L.J. Morris Dak pics (your local Hemi owner)
morrison01.jpg morrison02.jpg

Its a 97 Sport CC 318 Auto w/ 15x8 Progressive Pro218-CR w/275/60 bfg radial ta's on all corners. Performance mods inclue : F&B stage 1 tb, fabm, dynomax race magnum 3" in/out, custom y pipe, 3" cat, lakewood traction bars, TV cable adjustment. I had the front bumper painted to match the body and installed the famous $6 billet grill treatment. Stereo is Pioneer Premier head unit and 6 disc changer. I think thats about it...

Will WM96@aol.com
myers01.jpg myers02.jpg myers03.jpg myers04.jpg Dan Myers' 1992 V8. Body is white with white bumpers mirrors grill, Lund roll pan, blue pinstripe, Lowered with 2" spindles and 1.5" springs 3" block in rear. 225/60/15 on 15/8 rims in front and 255?60/15 in back. custom receiver behind Lund roll pan, engine has Doug Thorly headers to a 3" flowmaster, mp sbec, K&N air cleaner, Crane HI-6, ps91 coil crane wires. (waterfn@pacbell.net)

Mark Nemzoff's '69 Plymouth Roadrunner & '97 Dakota Sport V8

nichols01.jpg nichols02.jpg nichols03.jpg nichols04.jpg nichols05.jpg
Bob Nichols' 98 Medium Red Metallic CC SLT

Rear Shot:
Dodge sticker shaved off tailgate, Lund Roll Pan, Gibson Dual Cat Back with 4" Pencil Tips, Vent Visor on Rear Slider, Sport Masters Burgandy Soft Tonnaue Cover, Penda Bed Liner

Side Shot:
Lund Eclipse CC Window Covers, Door Windows Tinted to Match Rear

Front Shot:
Stillen bumper cover and "home grown billet grills" using the Steven 2me method.

Engine Shot:
Home Brew K & N

Pics #3,4,5: Basically the same shots but with a 2/4" drop using Western Chassis A-arms, rear spring mounts and shackle hangers.

Modifications to come:
17" Wheels w 275/50 17" BFG Comp tires
Xenon Kit
A "Gary Pinkley" 2/3" drop
High Perf. Computer
Thunderforms and an Amp

Dave Nichols' immaculate low mileage '87 LE 4x4 Dakota

niwranski01.jpg niwranski02.jpg
Chad Niwranski's '99 R/T Club Cab.

Tom "Slick" North's Dak; taken at Texas Motorplex, where it ran 15.30@88mph

omo01.gif omo02.jpg omo03.jpg omo04.jpg omo05.jpg omo06.jpg
1992 Dakota. It has all of the exterior LE package items stripped off, a Covercraft rail-system tonneau cover, 235/60/15 BFG's, Custom window and side graphics and fog lights. Targa CD player, Pyle Driver 5.25" components, Pioneer 5x7's in the rear, 2 8" Atomic subs and all of this powered by two Profile California Series Amps. Blacked out grille and bumper in near future and a slight lowering sometime.

Owned by Gregg Omo 00gtomo@bsuvc.bsu.edu http://www.arch.bsu.edu/gtomo/

parthemer01.jpg parthemer02.jpg parthemer03.jpg parthemer04.jpg parthemer05.jpg parthemer06.jpg parthemer07.jpg parthemer08.jpg parthemer09.jpg parthemer10.jpg parthemer11.jpg
superkn.jpg (K&N denies any knowledge of this monstrosity... ;-) --Jon
'95 SLT Dakota, CC Bright White, 220 hp 5.2L V8 (like most everyone), 5 speed transmission (my favorite), Sure Grip diff, 3.90 gearing, Bright Pkg, Power Mirrors/Windows/Locks/Steering/Brakes, Cruise, Air Cond., High Back bucket seats, with center console (light gray interior) Trailer Towing Pkg (prep), HD cooling & Alt. Sliding Rear Window, 22 gallon fuel tank, 215/75/15 Goodyear Tires, Chrome 'star' wheels


Check out the Sounds page to hear this truck speak.

parthemer12.jpg parthemer13.jpg parthemer14.jpg
Sam & Sonya Parthemer's Dakota R/T's

Sam Parthemer - (srp@home.com)

peters01.jpg peters02.jpg peters03.jpg peters04.jpg
Rick Peters' 1999 Dakota

"It only has 194 miles on it so far but we had to try out the 4WD."

pinkley01.gif pinkley02.gif pinkley03.jpg pinkley04.jpg pinkley05.jpg pinkley06.jpg pinkley07.jpg pinkley08.jpg pinkley09.jpg pinkley10.jpg
Gary Pinkley's '97 V6

97 Reg Cab V-6 5 spd
lowered monochrome red
255/50-17 BFG Comp T/A ZR4
Budnik 17x8 wheels

pontbriand01.jpg pontbriand02.jpg pontbriand03.jpg pontbriand04.jpg pontbriand05.jpg pontbriand06.jpg
Trevor Pontbriand's 98 Sport 4x4 V6

Modifications so far:
Manik brush guard
PIAA fog lamps
Stull billet grill
Mopar bug deflector, painted to match
31" BFGoodrich Radial All-Terrain tires
Dee-Zee diamond plate tool box
reflective tailgate decals (replacing the stock black ones)
K&N air filter
Alpine CD player

popovich01.jpg popovich02.jpg popovich03.jpg popovich04.jpg popovich05.jpg popovich06.jpg popovich07.jpg popovich08.jpg popovich09.jpg popovich10.jpg
Greg Popovich's 1995 Dakota Sport Club Cab

pryer01.jpg pryer02.jpg pryer03.jpg
Mark Pryer's '91 Club Cab V6 5 speed

reddodge91@aol.com01.jpg reddodge91@aol.com02.jpg reddodge91@aol.com03.jpg reddodge91@aol.com04.jpg reddodge91@aol.com05.jpg reddodge91@aol.com06.jpg
RedDodge91@aol.com's Dak.

Upgrades from stock...

Custom Interior done with spray paint and time...
Wheel Flares
Shift Knob
Steering wheel cover
Ram Heads and other graphics
window tinting
$3000 worth of stereo equipment, Orion and Blaupunkt

renzoni01.jpg renzoni02.jpg
Glen Renzoni's '92 and '95 Dakotas

The '92 white/silver 4x4 was 5.2L auto. 3.23 gears. Mods include: Mopar computer, Magnum throttle body, Magnum race 518 tranny, 3000 stall converter, DT headers, Gibson Exhaust, Auburn sure grip, Under drive pulleys, Splitfires, 3"x9" round K&N filter, MSD 6A ignition, CCI wheels (15x8 front, 15x10 rear), Mickey Thompson Baja belted tires (30x9.5 front, 30x12.5 rear). Custome steel cowl induction hood. Custome hood decal, and matching etched quarter glass (Overkill with skull), rhino Bedliner.

The black '95 sport was 5.2L 5-speed 3.92 posi. Mods include: Mopar computer, Magnum throttle body, DT headers, Gibson exhaust, Under drive pulleys, Splitfires, MSD 6A ignition, Blaster 3 coil, 8.8 wires, 3"x9" round K&N filter, Ram air with '70 Superbee hood scoops, Custome air box ducted to scoops, Centerforse DF clutch, Centerline wheels (15x7 front, 15x8 rear), BFG Radial T/As (245x60 front, 295x50 rear), Rhino bedliner, Roll top bed cover, Custome DAKOTA R/T bumblebee stripe.

rivers01.jpg rivers02.jpg rivers03.jpg rivers04.jpg rivers05.jpg rivers06.jpg rivers07.jpg
Gene's 95 , SLT, RC, SB, Claret Red P.C., 5.2L, 46RH, 3.90:1 w/ sure grip, Ram Air, MPSBEC, Stage I T-body, 8.5mm MSD Super Conductor S.P.wires, TranzGo, 2.75in. cat back duals(custom) w/o mufflers, 3 core all metal radiator, P235/60R15 Road Hugger's on stock Dakota steel wheels. A Blaupunkt CR127, Blau PCx573(2), JBL GT502(2), JBL GT650(2) and Profile #4200 Amp keeps the unmuffeled exshaust to a minimum. Best 1/4mi time of 14.577@93.88mph. Consistent 1/4mi times are 15.010 for bracket racing. This truck stickered for $17,776 new, my price was $14,060. The best bang for the buck you will ever find in new truck (or car).

For those curious, these pictures were taken beside the USS Texas(BB35). Commisioned in 1914, she is the only ship of her type left in the world today and the only survivor to fight in two World Wars. She is moored at San Jacinto State Park.

riversrt01.jpg riversrt02.jpg riversrt03.jpg riversrt04.jpg riversrt05.jpg riversrt06.jpg
Gene's '99 R/T

"This is one fine truck. It drives like a sports car, but it's a truck. I bought this so the family would be able to ride in style and experience the "New Dodge." I don't know why anyone would buy anything else! Its just beautiful and talk about getting attention. I finally picked up some extra brochures from the dealer (Alvin Dodge) because I was getting tired of explaining what the R/T is all about. MoPar or NoCar!(or is that truck)"
For those curious, these pictures were taken beside the USS Texas(BB35). Commisioned in 1914, she is the only ship of her type left in the world today and the only survivor to fight in two World Wars. She is moored at San Jacinto State Park.

Richard Rotzol's '95 (RHR42169@aol.com)

318, 3:91's, mopar perf computer, march pulleys, dynomax cat back system, and a homemade nitrous kit converted from an old generic motors TPI kit.

12.893 at 104mph yep with the cataletic convertor and cast iron manifold's.

robinson01.gif robinson02.gif robinson03.gif robinson04.gif robinson05.gif

Rob Robinson's 1996 318 Auto Sport Shortbed Dakota.
I have had it 1 year and purchased it from Spartenburg South Carolina which is about 7 hours from my home in Newport, NC. It was the last 96 V8 Dakota found in Eastern NC. I have added a K&N Filterpack clone (air by "Meldrum"). I have also added a Rhino Performace Muffler with split exhaust exiting out of 3" chrome tips under the bumper. The truck's options include, Sport Package, Stripe delete with "Magnum Force" stripe kit, tilt, cruise, "bright package," 3.55 gear, aluminum wheels, air-conditioning, bench seat, AM/FM Stereo Cassette, auto with overdrive, and of course; the 220 hp 318. I have had it on an 1/8 mile track that recorded 9.9 at 73mph. Future modifications include the Mopar Computer, chromed factory valvecovers, some sort of traction control (suregrip, lockers, etc.), and headers. That should quicken it up a little.


russell01.gif russell02.gif russell03.gif russell04.gif russell05.gif
Some pics of the Pace Edwards Roll Top tonneau cover on Russ' '97 4x4 V8


ryurisich01.gif ryurisich02.gif ryurisich03.gif ryurisich04.gif ryurisich05.gif ryurisich06.gif ryurisich07.gif ryurisich08.gif

Basically this truck is bone stock. With the exception of a 14" Edelbrock Pro-Flo Air Cleaner and a K&N filter. Also non-stock is the exhaust system which includes a Flowmaster muffler split into dauls with chromed 3" resonators. Items on the factory option list include, 318 c.i. V-8, 3.90 rear end gears, 4spd. automatic with O/D and O/D lockout, bucket seats, A/C, and other such stuff that slows you down. How you see the truck is how I bought it. I still not quite sure about the Tool-Box or the bed rails. Give me some feedback on that part. I have no current pics of the engine compartment after the air cleaner install, soon to come. Also have not yet run the truck down the track, I will post that info shortly after I do so. Some pics of a nice smokey choke-inducing burn-out would be nice. More to come on this truck as it will be stored during the winter months. I currently reside in Michigan and there is no way I'm driving in the winter.

samanda01.jpg samanda02.jpg samanda03.jpg samanda04.jpg samanda05.jpg samanda06.jpg samanda07.jpg samanda08.jpg
Amanda S.'s 1999 Solar Yellow Dodge Dakota
For more info go to http://cueball.nemonet.com/amanda/dakota.htm
sardi01.gif sardi02.gif sardi03.gif sardi04.gif sardi05.gif sardi06.gif sardi07.gif sardi08.gif sardi09.gif sardi10.jpg

Troy Sardi's '97. (troy.sardi@lakenheath.af.mil)

5.2L V-8 Club-cab 4x4, SLT+, 3.55 rear axle, 4-Wheel anti-lock brakes, Pwr windows & locks, AC, Cruise, Overhead Console, Fog Lights, 6x9 Mirrors, 4x4 upgrade handling package w/ 31x10.50 tires, wheel flares, and rear stabilizer, Front window tint 35%, Roll-Top bed cover, Custom stereo (1500 Watts), ARE Custom Rims. Pending Upgrades: 3" suspension Lift kit (as soon as one comes out), 33x10.50 tires Thornbirds, Nerf bars, 9000' Warn Winch w/ Warn combo mounting system, Light bar/hand rail combo with 5 4" KC Daylighters.

sawyer01.jpg sawyer02.jpg sawyer03.jpg sawyer04.jpg
Travis Sawyer's 1997 4x4

I think my fuel pump died. It was the first time I had to have the dak towed.
We only went about 7 miles, so I'm not worried about the 4x4.
(Do wish they sent a flatbed tho...)


shively01.jpg shively02.jpg shively03.jpg
James Shively's '95 Dakota

An '89 Shelby Dakota. Red with black/white/red stripe, tinted windows, "roll bar", regular cab. (From Dempsey Bowling's Shelby Dakota Page.)

An '89 Shelby Dakota. White with black/white stripe on side and hood, "roll bar", window graphic, tinted windows. (From Dempsey Bowling's Shelby Dakota Page.)

short01.jpg short02.jpg
Alan Short's '98 Dakota R/T parked at his favorite fishin' hole. (White Rock Lake, a 1,120 acre lake impounded in 1911). That's the downtown Dallas skyline in the background.

#2 (taken from a frame of a videotape) is Alan's R/T and the trophy he won for first place in the NOPI import/domestic drag races.

sidewinder01.jpg sidewinder02.jpg sidewinder03.jpg sidewinder04.jpg
The Sidewinder Dakota Concept Vehicle (Powered by a V-10 Viper engine)

Many thanks to Andy Pacholski (arp@interlync.com) for these pics! (Taken at the big Mopar show at the Belvidere Neon plant)
slocum01.jpg slocum02.jpg
David Slocum's '99 Dakota

smith01.jpg smith02.jpg smith03.jpg
Charles Smith's '99 Dakota R/T

south01.jpg south02.jpg south03.jpg
Sam South's 1998 Dakota Sport 3.9L V-6, 5-speed, air, 3.21 open differential

Modifications done so far:
180 Thermostat
2 1/2 Flowmaster Two-chamber
Stock tailpipe
MSD 6-A Ignition
MSD Blaster III coil
Bosch Platinum Plugs (gapped .050)
K&N 2.75" x 10"
Edelbrock 10" air cleaner assembly
Home made dual ram air
255/60R15 Roadhugger GT "siped"
TechStyle tonneau cover

Ran a 15.80 @ 90.46 mph

Future modifications:
Sell the 3.9 and buy an R/T!
If I was going to keep it I'd have a limited slip with a 3.90 installed I can have this done for $675.00 and I believe this would drop my times considerably. Also I'd install a V-8 throttlebody(with the necessary intake mods), Comp Cams roller rockers and switch to 295/50/15 BFG T/A. I got the A plan on this truck and my total investment out the door with modifications is about $14400.00 so I really can't complain.
If you have any questions, e-mail me at sawcut64@worldnet.att.net

Jon Steiger's '96 Dakota SLT club cab. Its black (with a grey lower break), and has chrome wheels, bumpers, and grill. Its a 4x2, with a 5 speed, sure grip, 3.55 rear, 318ci Magnum V8, Mopar bed liner, overhead console, bucket seats, fog lamps, and AM/FM casette.

For a complete list of modifications, etc. check out my profile on the Dakota Mailing List Member Profiles page for more info.

This is how it looked when it was new:
steiger01.gif steiger02.gif steiger03.gif steiger04.gif steiger05.gif steiger06.gif

After the bed rail install. These pics were taken the morning after my 1st run at the "local" dragstrip, where I got to meet (and run against) fellow DMLer Bill Tierney's nitrous Dakota. (Though he wasn't on the nitrous for this run.) I lost miserably, of course, and missed a shift during that run, thus throwing more fuel onto the auto vs. manual fire.
steiger07.gif steiger08.gif

After getting the rear and side windows tinted, and installing my DDBC. ("Dakota Decal by Clark")
steiger09.gif steiger10.gif steiger11.gif

After installing my tail-light covers.
steiger12.gif steiger13.gif steiger14.gif

After installing my Pro-Glass hood and Checkmate Tonneau cover and having my bed rails painted
steiger15.gif steiger16.gif steiger17.gif steiger18.gif steiger19.gif
steiger20.gif steiger21.gif steiger22.gif steiger23.gif
spydak1.gif spydak2.gif
Spy photos taken of a (disguised) 1997 Dodge Dakota.

I have the '88 Dodge Dakota Sport (4X4). Standard Cab, Tonn. Cover, Roll Bar, Fog Lights, Lower Air Dam, Custome Wheels (Cragar Star Spokes). Same sized tires as factory. Loaded, power door/window, air, am/fm & cassette.

Now for the mod's _I've_ done:) It's the 3Speed Auto /w the 3.9 V6. Vend Shade's on both windows, Tinted glass, Headers (Edelbrock). New engine (same) /w towing package /w some mods. (Let me know if you want the new engine specs). It also has a 100HP nitrous Oxide kit designed for that year/make of Dakota, which I've yet to install. It's in really good conditions, only there's so many modifications I would like to do to it, but there's so many things that stop me. Like, I'd like to covert the column shift to the floor, but the 4wd shifter is there. I want to get rid of the bench seat and get bucket seats, some top end engine mods. I've wanted a super chip for it (which I heard they're making for dakota's now, even older ones). I'd need the super chip if I want to run the Nitrous. It puts out an extra 100HP and the chip puts out about 20HP. I also wanted to get a new transmission, not the 3-speed auto again tho, but like a 4speed overdrive trans. But I don't know if that can be done or not. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to this truck that won't cost too much, or is worth getting done, that will give this old truck of mine some more power? Like I said it's a new engine, so I know the engine is ok for awhie.? Please let me know if so, I've been looking all over for someone that's had a dakota before, especially with people that have 88 Dakota's. If anyone has any suggestions, for this truck, please let me know by emailing me at; pulse@op.net. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

suterrick01.jpg suterrick02.jpg
Here are my 1992 Dakota LE, 4X4 and it's replacement a 1999 Dakota SLT 4x4. Both are powered by 5.2l engines and have 4 speed automatics. The 1992 has gained some options over the years like Fold-A-Cover bed cover, genuine Shelby cab spoiler, Flowmaster cat back system, CD changer, Leather buckets, 1998 Dakota console, Add-a-Leafs and has performed flawlessly for 173,000 miles. The 1999 does not have any add-ons, yet, but hopes to soon.

Rick Suter
sweet01.jpg sweet02.jpg sweet03.jpg sweet04.jpg sweet05.jpg sweet06.jpg sweet07.jpg sweet08.jpg sweet09.jpg sweet10.jpg
Ken Sweet's '94 V6

Completed modifications:

Mark III Conversion, Stillen Front Spoiler, ProGlass Ram Air Hood, Billet Grille Inserts, Billet Rear View Mirror, Wiper Blades, Antenna & Steering Wheel. Wood Dash Kit, Leather Seat Cover, Alpine Stereo System. Super Dome, ARE Fiberglass Tonneau Cover, '87 Fiero Rear Spoiler. Sir Michaels Roll Pan, GTS Headlight & Taillight Covers. Gibson 3" Exhaust, Jacob's Electronic's Ignition System, March Power Pulleys. K & N Air Filter, Chrome Air Cleaner & Valve Covers. California Car Cover Bed Kit, Chisholm's Suspension System. 17" Billet Specialties Machette Wheels, Embroidered Floor Mats, Aluminum Pedals. Braided Hose Covers, Wire Loom Covers.

Planned modifications:

Firestone Air Ride System, Shave Everything, Custom Paint., 20" Wheels, More Engine Modifications including a Paxton Supercharger.

Munypit has been featured in Mopar Muscle Magazine March '98 Issue

http://members.aol.com/muny pit94/
sykes01.jpg sykes02.jpg
Mike Sykes' 1988 V6.

teejay01.jpg teejay02.jpg teejay03.jpg
1998 Dakota R/T CC, 5.9L 360 V8, 245 hp, 350 fpt, 9x17 cast aluminum wheels w/255 55 17 goodyear rs-a, instrument cluster w/tach, 22 gal tank, sport appearance group, A/C, am/fm/cassette/cd w/ 8 infinity speakers (not as good as it should be-it's gotta go), fog lights, power mirrors/locks/windows, sliding rear glass, high back buckets, light group, hd cooling, hd electrical, hd service group, rear stabilizer bar, factory computer chip, factory high flow 3" exhaust, and of course a piece of junk automatic transmission - a 4 speed manual would put me in the 14's stock I'm sure.

Modifications -
DynaMax muffler
K&N air
Accel brass contact dist cap/rotor
MSD plug wires
180 degree thermo

The Harley is a 1975 FXE, extremely modified and customized.

TeeJay tj5324@eatel.net
tesinsky01.jpg tesinsky02.jpg
Chris Tesinsky's '99 R/T.

thomas01.jpg thomas02.jpg thomas03.jpg thomas04.jpg thomas05.jpg thomas06.jpg thomas07.jpg thomas08.jpg thomas09.jpg thomas10.jpg
Jim Thomas' '94 4x4

tierney01.jpg tierney02.jpg tierney03.jpg tierney04.jpg tierney05.jpg
The Dakota is a 93 2WD Club Cab V8 Auto with 3.90 Sure Grip, 2000# load package, Towing package and most options except power windows and door locks. Currently has 17,000 miles

Added :

K&N Replacement filter
Mopar SBEC
Cat Back Dual Exhaust, no mufflers
ARE 234 Wheels with BFG 275-60-15 rear and 235-60-15 front
Black Tonneau cover
GTS headlight and slotted taillight covers
Home brew ram air
Home brew throttle body work
MSD 6A with Multi-step retard
NOS 125 HP setup
TCI shift kit
Lakewood Traction Bars
Matching Leer Cap which is used winters but the Dak is rarely driven winters

Best: ET no nos 14.96 MPH 93
Best: ET with nos 13.33 MPH 103 with stock SBEC, no MSD and street tires

Future: BFG drag radials, better fuel and lower gearing and a 12 second run.

Bill - (WillTier@aol.com)
tongbrian01.jpg tongbrian02.jpg tongbrian03.jpg tongbrian04.jpg tongbrian05.jpg tongbrian06.jpg

Brian Tong's '99 CC 5.2L 4x4 (thedude807@hotmail.com)

"I've attached some pics of the proper way to break in a new Dakota. As a side note: the Toyota pictured lost his alternator and powersteering pump in this little escapade. The Dakota came out unscathed, aside from fluid/grease changes." --Brian

Dodge's 1996 "Tread Lightly" 4x4 V8.

trekell01.jpg trekell02.jpg trekell03.jpg
Truman Trekell's R/T

turner01.jpg turner02.jpg turner03.jpg turner04.jpg
Garth Turner's 97 Sport.
3.9L auto w/ 3.55. Proglass/Keystone ram air hood w/ 14" FIPK (modified into "D" shape) bolted to the V8 throttle body.
The rest is the usual mods. Western Chassis shackle and hanger drop mounts and coils (2.5"/4" drop) w/ Doestech shocks.
16x7 / 16x8 Centerline Saber rims.
Future plans include: headers, 1.6 roller rockers, and ?.

vaughan01.gif vaughan02.gif vaughan03.gif vaughan04.gif vaughan05.gif
Ben Vaughan's (webmaster@colterair.com) 1997 "DakAttack" Sport V6. See all the features and specs by going to http://www.colterair.com/ and clicking on "My Dak".
vaught01.jpg vaught02.jpg
Jim Vaught's 13 second '94 Dak 4x2 V8.
vogler01.gif vogler02.gif vogler03.gif vogler04.gif
Vehicle is a 1996 Dodge Dakota SLT V-8 4x4 with a 5-speed and a 3.21 SureGrip rear. Factory options include bucket seats, power windows, door locks and mirrors. Paint is factory Brilliant Blue, paint code PCH. Modifications include a soft tonneau cover, factory bedliner, K&N air filter, Pioneer in-dash CD player (Chrysler/GM-fit model), and Mopar hood shield (not shown). This picture was taken Thanksgiving '95 which was about two weeks after I picked up my Dakota at the dealer...
vogler05.jpg vogler06.jpg vogler07.jpg vogler08.jpg vogler09.jpg vogler10.jpg vogler11.jpg vogler12.jpg vogler13.jpg vogler14.jpg vogler15.gif
(This is Ned's Dak showing off the Mopar hood shield, Westin Chrome Nerf Bars, Gibson 3" catback exhaust, 35% tinted front windows, 5% tinted rear window, MPI FIPK-clone, and FET Catz MSX fog lights)

I can be reached on the DML, as nvogler@rghosp.chime.org...

walker01.jpg walker02.jpg
callahan_walker01.jpg callahan_walker02.jpg callahan_walker03.jpg callahan_walker04.jpg
John Walker's (dakota@wku.campus.mci.net) '93 Dakota Sport.

Tilt steering, air, sliding rear window, K&N air filter, Pioneer CD player, Blaupunkt Velocity 5.25" Components, 50 X 4 Amp, 2-SAS 6" Bazooka's, Coustic XM-3e crossover, Deleted "Swoosh" stripe.

(The Black '97 belongs to Andy Callahan... [see above])
wanderi01.jpg wanderi02.jpg
1997 SLT V6 Auto 4x4 Clubcab, Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Air, Buckets Seats with center Console, Security Group, Fog Lamps, Sliding Rear Window, Access Rollup Tonneau Cover, Lund Fiberglass Steps, Lund Interceptor Bug Shield, Side Window Tint, Vent Visors, Bed Mat, Molded Mud Guards, 6x9" mirrors, K&N FIPK with a Gibson Single Cat-Back System. Whew...

Oh and a gas tank skid plate thanks to L. John Morris from this list.

Keith Wanderi
Work - keith.wanderi@fsg.deluxe.com
Home - kwanderi@goldengate.net

yallum01.jpg yallum02.jpg
Mike Yallum's 1987 Indy 500 special edition #840. (myallum@sgi.net)

Here are some misc graphics that don't really fit in anywhere else.
Dodge "button".
Michael Clark scanned in his keychain and created this graphic which would be great as an HTML button or bullet, or perhaps as desktop wallpaper.
Dodge icon.
Michael Meyerhoff created this dodge .ico file. Its the Dodge "sheild", similar to the one under the "Dakota" letters at the top of the main DML Mailing List Home Page.

dakphonelf.jpg dakphonelr.jpg dakphonels.jpg dakphonerr.jpg dakphoneopen.jpg

Dakota Wallpaper by Zach Clary

Hi, I too am a big fan of the dodge dakota line of trucks. I myself own a 1992 Dakota LE, with a 3.9 V6 and I would hope that I can send you more info on it in the future but for now I was hoping to submit a wallpaper that I made myself. This walpaper is a .bmp or a file that is made in the program paint. To use it go to start, programs, accessories and paint and open the file that I have sent, save it to your my documents folder or another folder of choice and then under the menu in paint click file then set as wallpaper centered, to do so though you must save it first, the wallpaper lookes the best if you rightclick on your desktop and in the menu select properties then click the appearence tab, in the picture click outside of the windows with messages in them and change the color to black which will blend in with the wallpaper, it really looks great and I hope that dakota fans looking for a cool walpaper can get their hands on it. Sincerely, Dodge Dakota Fan Zach Clary

To have your Dak included in this archive, please e-mail it along with any info you'd like posted along with it to jon@dakota-truck.net (You can mail the pictures to me in uuencoded, mime, or binhex format. With most e-mail clients, you can just send them as an attachment.)

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