Derek, Mike and Alex spend a chilly, sunny Saturday afternoon tooling around St. Louis in their Dakotas. Joining us were Derek's finacee Emily and her daughter Samantha, as well as Emily's friend-slash-babysitter whose name I can't recall.

Nothing like good ol' Dodge Trucks! How's that for flying your colors?

Derek and Emily with the really sharp faux R/T. Those stripes are done with actual Viper paint!

Here's Mike and his nice sixer, in from Waterloo, IL.

Here's Alex with his dirty SLT. Derek took the picture... can you tell he's too tall by that angle?

Here's the lineup at the base of the Gateway Arch. My heart wells with civic pride.

Ahhhhh...... what a view. And the Arch is OK too!

So we decided to head to the top of the arch. Can you say claustrophobia? From left, Mike, Emily, Derek (or at least his forehead) and Samantha wait for me to cram in there with them. Em's friend is wedged in there too!

Sam loved the tram ride to the top of the Arch.....!

Here's what Dakotas look like from 635 feet up. Can you spot them?

Here's a hint.... go back to the last photo and try again!

What a view!

Time to get out of here... say so long to the Mighty Mississippi!

It was a good day.

The end.

Well not quite the end. Here are my (Mike M) pics. Unlike Alex's which were taken with a digital camera kindly provided by his employeer, mine were taken with 35mm and scanned in. The ones with the arch didn't turn out too good, but the others are alright.
I had a blast
and cant wait
to meet more