May 16th, 1999

Bramalea Assembly Plant, Bramalea Ontario

The car show was hosted by the Mopar Performance Group Car Club and held at it's new location at Chrysler's Bramalea Assembly Plant in Ontario Canada. Bob Tom, fellow member of the DML (Dakota Mailing List) organized fellow DML members and their Dakotas in the Southern Ontario area, to gather together once again and convoy down to the show together. Thanks for a wonderful job Bob!

Jason and Norah Bleazard in their '98 black Dakota club cab 4x4 were the first to arrive at 8:05am at the 7/10 mall (our designated meeting point) and line up for our convoy to the Chrysler Assembly Plant in Bramalea Ontario. Next to arrive was the ever missing Randy Drew. He really did suprise us all by making it to this meet :) As the rest of the members gathered together, a police cruiser joined up with us to see what all the hoop-la was about. Dave spoke with him for quite a while and explained what the excitement was all about. Norah asked him if he liked our Dakotas as he smiled a big 'ol grin and nodded.

Picture descriptions are from left to right, people first, trucks second

The Meet at the Mall

Jason & Peter beside the Daks:

Jason's & Norah's, Randy's,

and Dave's.

Peter, Randy, Jason &Ron (wiping),

Dave and Dave Tom?

Ron's & John's R/Ts

Randy strolling through the Daks

in front of Ron's & John's R/Ts

Peter Cutler's Dak
Bob's Challenger, Dave's R/T,

Randy's, and Jason & Norah's


Bob standing next to his Dak, with

Peter's Dak behind his.

Chris' Dak & Bob's Challenger Peter (back to us), Tracy, Michelle,

Dave & spouse. Ron,& Dave Tom.

Ron's & John's R/Ts

The Convoy to the Show

At 9:00am we all lined up and headed out to the show. This was a truly magnificent sight to see all these gorgeous trucks parading down the city streets of Bramalea. As we reached a left turn, a white mini-van stopped at the light watched us turn one at a time and as each truck passed his grim was wider and wider. By the time the last truck went passed he was all thumbs up and yelling "ALL RIGHT!" I say he had a serious case of "DAKOTA ENVY" :)

The Bramalea

Assembly Plant

The lineup to get in.

Bob, Peter, John, Ron, Dave,

Chris, & Randy

The lineup to get in.

Peter, John, Ron, Dave,

Chris, & Randy

Awestruck ticket guy. Convoy behind him: Chris, Randy, the idiot

that broke up the convoy and cut off the Bleazards. Note Mopar

sign in top left corner.

As we reached the gate to the show, the guy taking the entrance fees was already pre-warned to expect our convoy and stilled awed as we each entered. Dave Tom was told by one of the organizers that they were truly impressed with the sight as we made our 'semi-speed' turn into the gate and expressed appreciation for our support.

The DML Representation

Norah, Dave, Randy, Dave's wife.

DML lineup: Jason & Norah, Randy, Chris,

Dave, Ron, John, Challenger, Bob, Peter

Cesar and Peter wiping down

the Dak.

Challenger, Bob Tom and trophies, Peter

Eddie making his late arrival and couldn't

park with the DMLers, but managed to get

a good spot directly across from us.

Eddie's GTS Dak

Eddie and Lisa arrived late :) but there was still a good spot left for him in our area, even if it was in the lane opposite the rest of us.

Rone Lane's Dent

Ron's first dent in his R/T, Self-inflicted

by snow shovel handle that fell over

in the garage

Just in case you couldn't see it,

here it is in the green circle.

Sorry Ron, but you did go out of your way to call attention to it, so we thought we'd point it out to everyone. :)

Bob Tom's 1970 Challenger

Bob Tom's Challenger The Challenger's stock engine.

The Winners

Jason and Norah should have won the

"Dirtiest Engine Award"

John and Eddie with their awards for: "Late Model Stock

Truck" & "Late Model Modified Truck" respectively.


If there was a category for "Dirtiest Engine Award", Jason and Norah could have easily walked away with it. Some people just don't know how to have fun and play int he mud. :) Ron and Tracy had left before the award were announced and missed the presentation ceremony for the late model trucks in two categories:

Non-DML Dakotas That Were There

A '91 Dak sandwiched between a V10 Ram and an

Indy Ram. Dave's hood, top of Peters, & Bob's

hood can be seen in the background.

Dak 4x4 of unknown ownership
A '97 Dakota, stock color made into a fake R/T Owner addition of an R/T label.

Obviously done before the

R/T came out.

Front view of the fake R/T An Amethyst R/T
A Dakota parked behind Bob. Norah managed to

convince him to become a member of the DML

Interior pic of the sound system

in the Dak from the picture to

the left of this one.

Other Interesting Vehicles

Other interesting vehicles were there as well, including Monster Ram, an orange Power Wagon, Fargo, Indy Ram, V10 Ram, Ram with a Mopar decal on the fender, L'il Red Express, SST Ram, old Willy's that won the "Early Model Stock Truck", van/truck rig (amusing), early Ram, and a couple of vintage cars. We tried to get as many shots as we could. As you may have noticed, there weren't many pictures of non-trucks :)

The Traditional Toronto Meet Dinner

A six pack of Daks in the parking lot: Bob, Peter,

Jason & Norah, Don, Eddie, & Randy.

Picture was patched together from two others

Same six trucks,

different angle and

Challenger at the end.

Traditional tablecloth drawing from yet another

meal at Jack Astor's.

Group shot: Lisa & Eddie,

Dave, Bob, Jason, Peter &

Cesar, Randy, Don (hidden)

Group shot: Lisa & Eddie,

Don to the right, Jason, Peter &

Cesar (hidden), invisible Randy.

After the show was over, Dave and his wife had left, while the remainder of us headed back to the 7/10 mall to Jack Astor's for an early dinner. As this is the third DML meet that has had lunch or dinner at Jack Astor's, it looks like we're starting to make this place an official DML meal spot! A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!

Total in attendance were:

Bob Tom Burlington, ON '97 red CC Dakota
David Tom Burlington, ON '70 orange Dodge Challenger
Jason & Norah Bleazard Scarborough, ON '98 black CC Dakota 4x4
Peter Cutler & Cesar Syracuse, NY '99 white RC Dakota
Randy Drew Etobicoke, ON '98 black RC Dakota
John & Michelle van Gemert Burlington, ON '99 black RC Dakota R/T
Chris Hindy and Steve Carr Toronto, ON '98 blue CC Dakota
Ron & Tracy Lane Stoney Creek, ON '98 red RC Dakota R/T
Dave & wife (last name ?) Peterborough, ON '99 solar Yellow RC Dakota R/T
Don Don's World of Truck & Car Acc. '9? red CC Dakota
Eddie & Lisa Estoppey Brampton, ON '98 blue RC Dakota GTS

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