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1999 Toronto DML Meet #4 - Saturday April 3, 1999


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I believe Bob Tom originally proposed the meet; he was going to take his Dak out to get some baseline runs before making some mods. April 3 was Cayuga's opening day, and admission was free. The tech lines were a mess and the place was absolutely MOBBED with people, but we managed to have a good time as nonetheless. :-)

*  *  *  * 

Here are some pics of Dave running Bob's Dak. The first one is Dave waiting in the staging lanes (too bad you can't see the whole area; it was truly a mess!), then you see him staging and running against a Z-28, then coming back down the return road.

*  *  *  * 
*  *  * 

I arrived at the meet and waded through the tech line, then got into the staging lanes (which actually bore more resemblance to a parking lot than a staging area...) :-P Anyway, Jason found me from the grandstands with the zoom on his camera; that's me in the first pic, way over on the other side, with my hood up. The other pics show me staging and running against a Jetta, of all things. :-) I was hoping to put in a good showing for the Daks, but unfortunately I missed 4th gear and ended up running a 15.27 or so. The track was pretty slick that day; if you compensate for my 60' time, that run would have actually been a 15.07 with the missed shift; I would guess it would have been a 14.7-14.8 run if I knew how to drive. :-) That was my one and only run of the day; I didn't feel like waiting in line for another 2 hours. The scary thing is that Bob said my time was the fastest he'd seen from a Dak that day, including 2 R/T's... That just made me wish I hadn't missed 4th even more. :-)

*  *  * 

Here is another run by Dave in Bob's Dak. This one was after installing the MP PCM; he cut .7 off his ET and ended up running a 16.1@85mph. This was also the last run of the day for Dave & Bob.

Here are some other (non-DML) Daks that were running that day.

*  *  * 
*  * 

After we decided to head out, we met up at the edge of the strip, where I took apart my "go-fast" goodies (short belt, ram-air box, etc) One of these days I'll get around to making an airbox out of metal and I'll be able to retire the cardboard and duct tape... :-)

After talkin' some more, we headed into town and found a greasy spoon where we had some lunch and talked some more. Bob and Dave had to head home, but Jason, Norah, and myself stood outside and talked even more. (So much so that we drove from the parking lot of the greasy spoon to go find a place to have some dinner!) :-)
The people that attended this meet were:
Jason Bleazard (
Norah Bleazard (
Jon Steiger (
Bob Tom ( & Dave Tom

The photos of this meet were taken by Jason and Norah.

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Jon Steiger
May 27, 1999

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