Toronto Meet


  • Name:
    Norah Bleazard
  • Date:
    November 21st, 1998
  • Location:
    Playdium (see www.playdium.com)
    Dak Caravan to Tuckers Marketplace (buffet restaurant)
  • Email Address:
  • Information:
    We will meet in the parking lot of Playdium on
    November 21st, 1998 at 9:30am.

    Address is 99 Rathburn Road West, in Mississauga.

    For the US folk, it doesn't really matter which boarder
    crossing you come through, they all will point you to the
    highway called "QEW". Just get on where it says QEW to
    Toronto. Exit at Highway 10 Northbound to Rathburn. You
    want to go left (west) on Rathburn and Playdium will be on
    your right.

    Jason and I will have a sign that says: "Toronto Dakota
    Meet" by the Black '98 CC 4x4 Dak in an empty section of
    the parking lot. Jason's cell phone number in case anyone
    gets lost is: 416-576-XXXX.

    Playdium - a day of virtual reality fun
    "Saturday Morning Mayhem" from 10:00am until 1:00pm
    Cost is $10.00 Cdn. per hour
    Play ticket must be purchased by noon

    For more info see:


    You load up your playcard with a dollar amount, then use
    the card as a credit card to play for different games,
    IMAX movie, etc.

    Caravan to Tucker's Marketplace for an all you can eat
    buffet afterwards.
  • People interested in coming:
    Jon Steiger, (stei0302@cs.fredonia.edu)
    Ron, (rwlane@sprint.ca)
    Randy Drew, (FonMan@ican.net)
    nut, (nut@netcom.ca)
    Jason Bleazard, (jbleazard@home.com)
    Norah Bleazard, (nbleazard@home.com)
    Chris Hindy, (chindy@home.com)
    Eddie Estoppey, (estoppey@myna.com)
    Bob Tom, (tigers@bserv.com)