HMCC/DML Side Of The Road Show
in Sealy, TX

By Michael Clark and Gene Rivers

The first annual DML Spring Fling is part of the Houston Mopar Connection Club.

13 members along with several non members in attendance:

Michael Clark Randy David Bill Ligon
Jim Miller Heather Mosely John Neff
Frontis Newell Bernd Ratsch Gene Rivers
Roderic Vaughn Jim Vaught Steve Waller
John Youngblood
Fellow Daksters, We all had a great time in Texas at our meet.

The meet began with a picnic at Bastrop. Mike, Gene & Renee, Steve Waller's R/Tand Steve Waller meet up at the Rodeway Inn in Sealy and cruised to Bastrop. There was some mixup as to where the picnic would take place. Most members were told to head for Bastrop State Park, but Saturday morning Gene had discovered it was actually a place called Fisherman's Park. So our first stop was at the State Park where we put up a poster to point the late arrivers in the right direction. This is where we met up with Jim Vaught, Heather, and Bernd Ratsch. Soon we had a 6 Dak caravan going to Fisherman's Park. Heather was in the lead and said she knew where it was... well, she got us in the area pretty dang close but we had wait on the side of the road until exact directions could be found. Finally we made it to the picnic and got the Daks parked.

Daks begin showing up
Jim's '94

The ceremonial applying of the DML logo!The ceremonial applying of the DML logo!

Gene & Renee's R/TGene & Renee's R/T with DML logo and tailgate URL

Time for a group photo shoot!
Group photo Group photo Group photo Group photo Group photo Group photo Group photo

Bernd's offroad excursion
Bernd showing off The evidence

Heather sign's Jon Steiger's T-Shirt
Heather signs Jon's T-shirt

Durango with nice dual exhaustAn HMCC member's Durango

We went to race on Sun, but unfortunately the weather the night before didn't cooperate. While Sun was a beautiful day in Sealy, the shutdown area of the drag strip was under water 8^( It is an awesome site to see all those Dakotas driving on the interstate and the roads through town. We got a lot of attention! We had the driveway to the race track shutdown with Dakotas. The Daks come out to play After being told that the track would not open, we decided to just have a party right there on the service road of I-10. Before long we had 12-13 Dakotas. At one time there were 5 R/T Dakotas in one spot (R/T=1DA,2SY,2BK) along with 5-6 "Normal" Dakotas (if there is such a thing). You should have seen the looks we were getting from the highway. Several non DML Dakotas turned off the interstate to join us. Jim Vaught from San Antonio even brought his "rolling swap meet", laid it all out right there on the ground and did pretty well. I think Jim had everything back there but an engine! A couple of brand-x'ers and a couple of slushstangs stopped too, but they didn't hang around. The ferds tried to drag race each other on the service road, but it was so lame that we Dodgers just burst out in laughter! Even a canrio w/ rally sport and z-28 badges stopped, he too left, after seeing all the Dakotas.

The Side of the Road Show takes form...
The Side of the Road Show The Side of the Road Show The Side of the Road Show The Side of the Road Show

Jim's Rolling Swap Meet!Jim's Rolling Swap Meet!

After a few hours we decided the side of the road show should move on to something else so we decided to caravan back into Sealy and invade the local Wal-Mart.

Dak's on the prowl...

Once we arrived we decided to take over a section of the parking lot and have yet another group photo shoot!

The Final Gathering
Wal-Mart group shot Wal-Mart group shot Wal-Mart group shot Wal-Mart group shot Wal-Mart group shot Wal-Mart group shot

Thanks to Gene & Renee we had some cool shirts too! There were black with lime green lettering and had the circular "smoke 'em" DML logo on the back and a Texas HMCC/DML logo on the front.

The Parting Shot

If anyone is interested in attending the next Texas Spring Fling, or any upcoming Houston area meet, be sure to check out the Houston DML Meet Homepage. Where you'll find all the information you need on upcoming events and also reports of previous meets.

If you find any errors, please let me know.
Michael Clark
June 2, 1999

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