DML Mini-meet: Mopar Alley Rally, Fremont, CA, June 6, 1999


Mini-meet held in conjunction with the Mopar Alley Rally, June 6, 1999 at Ohlone College in Fremont, CA.

A special section was put aside for Dakotas in the Mopar Only Parking Area. Unfortunately not everyone running the show was informed and a vintage Plymouth took squatters rights. Four Dak owners were able to park together in limited space. Four others, all 99 R/Ts joined up just by chance. In addition to the Daks pictured, Brad Gigliotti had his Power Wagon and Robert Howe his 4X4 in the show. There was another 99 R/T CC DA but no one knew who the owner was.

This was not a highly organized meet but we all had a good time discussing and looking at Mopars in general and Dakotas specifically.

Photo 01 and 02 from left to right:
 99 R/T CC Blk - Monty McNew
 99 R/T CC DA - Weldon Helmus
 95 CC Green - Jon Hambleton
 99 R/T CC Blk - Steve Ferrari
Picture 01 Picture 02

Photo 04 from left to right:
 99 R/T CC SY - John Kauffman
 99 R/T RC FR - ?
 99 R/T CC IB - Walter Shores
 99 R/T CC FR - ?
Picture 03
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