2008 DML BBQ
Friday & Saturday August 22-23, 2008


Text courtesy of Terrible Tom.
Photos courtesy of Ed McCarrick and Don Rey.

Date: Fri Aug 22 2008 - 17:09:46 EDT

Jimmy KNox arrived around 10 this morning, followed by Mike Maskalans later in the afternoon. Ed showed up about half an hour later - and just a few minutes ago, Adam Blaster and his buddy arrived with the completed Blaster-buggy. A 5 year long project that has seen completion. A tube frame chassis, powered by a Chevy TBI 4.3L V6, with Unimog axles!

We are waiting on Jason and Norah to arrive some time Friday Morning... Don Rey and Jim Zito are due in any time now.

So far not much has happened - its been hot and humid. Jon and Tom were working trying to get the carb fixed on the Pinto Powered Willys... much to the amazement of both, they seemed to actually figure out the problem. Its running better now. Tom has been fussing and tweaking paintball equipment... and as this update is being written, the Blaster-Buggy is being prepped for its maiden voyage.

More updates as they warrant - pics will follow!

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*cue music* Dunnn DUnnn dun dun dun dunnn dunn dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnn dunn dun dunn dunn dunnnnnn*

Date: Fri Aug 22 2008 - 18:27:41 EDT

Don, and Jim have arrived!! Willys is running! Blaster-buggy has been plasma cut and is ready to roll - time for a mud run!!!

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Date: Fri Aug 22 2008 - 21:39:33 EDT

Mud Run Complete!!

The trails have a fair amount of water in them, mud lane is quite wet.

******* THIS JUST IN********

Mike Maskalans Hates Mud! Tom Hates Rocks!!

******* THIS JUST IN********

Mike and Jim Zito headed out in Road Block... Jon piloting the Willys, with Ed riding shot gun and Tom riding tail gunner... Don Ray in his Magnum Dak-Vert... And Adam and JT in the Blaster Buggy.... headed out with the Upper Falls in target. Reaching the falls was another matter -- Slippery Hill lived up to its name - throwing Road Block, with Maskalans at the helm, almost over the edge! Adam moved into position and with some winching, pulled Mike back from the brink. He backed down and we took another route.

While heading down Mud Lane, Mike blew a Right Front Bead... a not-so-uncommon event at the BBQ. Trail Repairs Take Place! Tom unloads Mikes spare while Mike and Jim Zito level off the truck and remove the flat.

We book on back to The Barn and Mike washes off his front fender.

Pizza has been ordered and a bond fire will be lit shortly!
Date: Sat Aug 23 2008 - 09:43:01 EDT

Jason and Norah arrived somewhere around midnight, and in an unusual change of events, most people went to bed before 2 am!

Everyone is up and moving about now, some more awake than others... trail riding and waterfall antics are sure to be in store... with paintball in there somewhere.

Andy where are youuuu?

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Date: Sat Aug 23 2008 - 20:08:33 EDT

Andy arrived with his Outback wagon sometime in the early afternoon... A trail ride was organized composed of Adam and JT in the buggy, Mike with his Dak, and Don and Brittany in the magnum Dakvert. Jon tried to fire up the Willys, but again carb troubles left it parked. He fetched the Short Bus from the shed and took Ed with him on the 4-wheeler.

Tom and Andy tackle a brake job on a Subi. Its determined that the rear pads are misboxed and a parts run heads into town to get replacements. Tom piloting his 08 Honda Civic, with Andy shotgun and Jason wedged in the back seat.

What gift card?

We return to find the wheeling party still out on the trails. Frozen bolts, parking brake shoes-in-rotors, and the inability to use the hoist due to the unibody Subi construction... caused the brake job to linger on to 6:30 pm EST.

Andy reports the Subi brakes excellent!!

Paintball was not in the works for this year again... After scrambling to get ready, the CO2 tank was discovered to not be full as it should have been. With only a 700 PSI pressure level, the canister was not filling and size tank.

Oh well - better luck next year!

We're about to fire up a bond fire and the BBQ.

***** This BBQ update brought to you by Harbor Freight Tools! The offical import tool company of the 2008 DML BBQ!!!

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