July 3 BBQ trail ride preview pics

(click any pic for a 4x version)

I originally created this page so Jason could check out some pics of the trails behind the house, but I figured I'd leave them here just in case anyone else would care to take a peek.

For your reference, the ATC in the pics is about 6' long, 3.5' wide, 2.5' high at the back, and 3.5' high at the handlebars.

Unfortunately, a lot of the perspective is gone; somehow the hills seemed to flatten out when they were transferred to film... :-P

Here are a couple of pics of a culvert we may have to go over. There is a way around this if its too narrow, but would require some trail pruning.

A couple of pics of a decent slope downward, followed by an immediate 90 degree turn to the right. In the "long" pic, there's a muddy dip maybe 10-20 feet in front of the ATC, then a muddy "plateau" which requires an immediate turn 90 degrees to the left through the muck. This is the optional "challenging" place I told you about, where I got stuck with the ATC. No pics of the muck (looks like ordinary ground anyway).

A long straight hill through a tunnel of trees. This hill really isn't much of a problem, but if you manage to slip off, I estimate its about 300 feet to the slate bottom of the ravine below... (near the top of the hill anyway) The first pic shows the ATC near the top, the 2nd is when its at the bottom.

Here is the entrance to the ravine that I told you about. There's a couple of pics looking down toward the riverbed (with and without the ATC), then 3 from the riverbed at different angles. In the last pic, thats my wallet and keys on top of the bank to try and give you some scale.

The water crossings. The water is about 6-8 inches deep; no sweat for the ATC, should be even easier for a truck? The only concern I have is the rocks underneath the water (And on the shore for that matter). The big soft tires of the ATC handle them no problem, but I'm not sure how a truck tire would do?

The unavoidable hill... If we want to get to the ravine, we'll need to go down and then up this hill. We *might* be able to bypass it but that would require a rather long trek inside the ravine itself; lots of water crossings and crawling over rocks the whole way. This hill is right above the "steep bank".

This hill is nasty. Slippery and narrow, with about 100 feet down (to the left) if you screw up. This one *is* avoidable, but only by using the hill in the pic below.

Here's a hill we could use to bypass the one above. Still steep and narrow, but not quite so slippery. It needs some grooming too.

If we want to avoid the nasty hill, we will also need to go through this; a couple of ditches that have been eroded by runoff water. They're a pretty decent size; I have no idea if they present any problems though.

I'm not sure why I took this pic. :-) This is between the unavoidable hill and the hill that we could use to avoid the nasty hill. You might be able to tell that the ground is starting to slope up to the left; that's the side of the bypass hill; here's about where you would end up if you rolled off of that one. ;-)

Various shots of the waterfall area. The first pic I took from the seat of the ATC when it was located where it is in the 2nd water crossing pic. (got that?) ;-) The second pic is where you have to drive if you wanted to get above the waterfall; right between the waterfall and a big slab of slate. Not a lot of room, and pretty steep. (All rock, too). The 3rd pic shows the flat pieces of slate above the waterfall area that I mentioned to you before where we used to do donuts and stuff. :-) Finally, another shot of the waterfall area. There's a little "tide pool" almost off to the right; the main part of the stream is off to the left; the waterfall is in the background.

I seem to recall the waterfall being bigger when I was younger. :-) Oh well, it still looks and sounds pretty nice. :-)